Friday, October 30, 2009

Technology....friend of foe?

Hi all, just wish to inform you that our computer crashed.....fried actually, so am reduced to typing away on DH's laptop. Won't be posting for a bit as I can't put pics and so forth on. I just don't think words alone are enough to hold your interest!!!
So while I have your attention now, I would like to say how PROUD we are of our daughter. At the school awards ceremony, she got 2 gold medals. One each for sciences and maths. 2 silver certificates for English and social sciences and announced for dux of year 8. There was a stunned silence from our little family and we were shocked. Amanda was shocked..... there were crickets chirping and mozzies whining. THEN, the realisation kicked in and she was able to stand and make her way to the stage. She has worked so hard this year and .....well....she really deserves this. Maths and science were her weakest subjects, so the victory is all the sweeter for her. Good onya Manda!!!! Woooooo Hoooooo.
Until sometime in the future,
Stay beautiful,
K xx

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Computers, Birthdays and Alcohol...........inks

Ever feel like you are so alienated from the world, you just don't know what's going on anymore? I do. The 'puter went awry this week and wouldn't turn on, then wouldn't turn off, and wouldn't work in general. I was so lost it was crazy. The kids were lost, but I was REALLY lost. This gadget has become a life line to the world for me. I can find out anything, anytime, anywhere, all the while sitting in my pyjamas. THE NET DOES NOT JUDGE ME!!!! LOL

Still busted, still going to have someone look at it. I can't be without my lifeline!!! LOL

Also, my girl turned 13. Yep, I don't look old enough, I know. Still, it happened. Not sure how I feel about having a young lady on my hands, but she is an unreal kid. I am so blessed to have my life how it is. Small things make it great people, small things!!

Her 14 year old brother made the cake. YEP, THANKYOU Masterchef!!! Thanks Jos, you did a wonderful job, and MAN, did it taste gooooooood.

I have been having a fiddle.....................with alcohol inks. I have collected a few, so just have been dying to have a hard core play with them. Still nailing techniques, but can't let all the backgrounds go to waste, so when life hands you glossy cardstock with alcohol ink on it...................make cards!!!

Stay beautiful,

K xx

p.s thoughts to my wonderful Dad who had some botox on his knee!! Good luck getting rid of THOSE wrinkles DAD!! Hope all went well. K xx

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WHAT THE ??????

Found this sign at the ice skating rink. I reckon it's pretty clear.............................but still open to interpretation.

Stay Beautiful

K xx

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holidays Nearly Over............

Well, as the QLD school holidays draw to a close, I thought I should do something with the kids. They have been home alot on their own as I work afternoons, so we decided to get out and about. If you read the previous post, you will be familiar with the faces in the pics that aren't of my womb, but they might as well be. I just love 'em.

I now present to you, with much pleasure and pride, the nomadic and world renown icecapades..............

The Travelling Dillberries............( hear crowd shout )

Stay beautiful

K xx