Saturday, February 4, 2012

On a happier note

I have been doing a little craft.....I know *gasp* she does more than write........LOL.
My girlfriends from Tamworth and I have decided to try a card challenge this year. We have called ourselves the Crafty Bitches.
Each month there is a new challenge. Here's this months, and please feel free to play along.

Dates – 16/01/12 – 14/02/12

Theme – Valentines and Pink

Rules – You must incorporate the colour pink into either of the following valentines

1. Card

2. Scrap page

3. Off the page

You can use other colours, you are not restricted to just pink.

You may email your creations and you will see them posted to

In the mean time, here is my offering.

Stay beautiful,

K xxx

What now?

It would seem that February spells disaster for QLD. One year to the day after cyclone Yasi decimated Cardwell and Tully in North QLD and battered the tropics, the South East corner had it's turn with crippling floods reaching record levels.
My Dad was one in the town of Mitchell to be affected. The whole town was affected in some way large or small. The RSL Club evacuation centre was evacuated to the council depot as the water exceeded the expected peak. Dad got out of his house with his little dog Millie, a few changes of clothing and his mobile phone.........that's it. It would appear at this early stage his home was inundated to ceiling level, but we are quietly praying for much lower.
I think of all Mum and Dad's special things, photographs, family history research and memorabilia of Mum and Dad's life together and I am sad. Not as sad I thought I would be as I realise that the most important things are not in fact things. I am so grateful Dad and his little mate are safe and sound, although a little uncomfortable in a crowded area. I will mourn the loss of the 100+ year old family bible, but we can start another one. Photos and slides of my childhood will be ruined and special things of mine I still had stored at Mum and Dad's place. The more I seem to think about them, the less important they seem. Perhaps I have finally grown up, or perhaps I have moved so much I am becoming less sentimental, I have realised material things are just that......things. I can't replace my father or his little mate Millie and together they will be fine and deal with whatever happens.
The floodwaters are receding a little now and it is Charleville, Roma, St George and Moree's turn to face the challenges of the biggest floods on record.
Spare a thought for the people doing it tough and please support where you can with whatever you can. Every little bit counts......
Stay beautiful,
K xxx

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012.....BRING IT!!!

Hello to you all and welcome to 2012. A little on the late side, but better late than never right?

Our family had a lovely Christmas break with a visit home to the in-laws for Christmas. 17 in a house for a week makes for loads of fun and tons of laughs. Thanks guys, we always have such a great time don't we?

Second leg of the trip was New Year camping with some old and very dear friends as well as a few days with an absolute treasure of a friend-love you Russ an thanks for letting us invade your home. I got to catch up with my fabulous girlfriends as well. We all met through scrapbooking and we all need to stay friends forever because we know way too much about each other!!! It was a riot as always and I think the staff at The Pub wondered what we were 'on'. You girls are awesome and I love every single one of you.

Next a visit to my dear Dad. 82 years young and still going strong. He misses Mum every day, but he still gets himself up and organised and has made a lovely life for himself. He says he's going great anyway.......

Home again-which brings me to my point. What is home? Is it really where you hang your hat? Is it with your husband and children or is it your parents home? I'm not sure where I feel my home is-certainly where my husband and children are, but is it a place or a town? I'm not too sure on that one actually as I have spent most of my married life travelling around Australia with my husbands job. Perhaps home is more a feeling than a that case, I have strong feelings for certain places.LOL Tamworth......if ever we had cause to move back could I? Of course I could. I always said you can never go's never the same, but after being back, it WAS the same.
All our friends always make it hard to leave, this time especially so but I'm not sure why. It seems like it calls me back stronger each time we go there. Interesting..............
Anyhoo, have dedicated a song (how cheesy) to how I feel about the people and the "Big Sky Country'.
Stay beautiful
K xxxx