Thursday, February 25, 2010

About a Boy

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Harry

He was very funny, spirited and mostly cute.

Harry didn't much like fishing because it "took too long".

But, one day his Daddy's 'brother from another mother' took him fishing for catfish.

In no time at all Harry had caught his first fish.

He was VERY happy and PROUD.

He took it home and his Nanna cooked it for his tea.

After that he decided he liked fishing after all.


Stay Beautiful
K xx

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Have Issues

You know how some days you are the dog and some days you are the hydrant?

Well a few days ago, I was the hydrant.

I had been to the doctor and he had given me a "but this is the worst case scenario" brief, and I was little peeved and upset when I left.

I jumped in the car and took off forgetting I was parked next to a trolley bay. I parked there to minimise scratches on my vehicle, would you believe, and when I took off, I forgot it was there and .................well.........................wiped it out!!...................Right out. So far out that 'they' had to infact remove one of the rails because it was SO wiped out.
You might ask why didn't I stop? Well, one must POWER OUT of a car park mustn't one? And it WAS my Dad who told me that "he who hesitates is often found dead". So, I was just doing what I had learned..................forget the context, it matters not.

I tore the flare off the rear passenger door and part of the flare at the back, BUT the running board saved my car and there STILL wasn't a scratch on it.

I retrieved my car parts from the carpark in as dignified manner as I could. This happens a lot to people right?, and marched over to the cleaner who had watched the whole thing and advised him to tell centre management. He gave me directions for a 20 minute drive to tell them myself.

I politely informed him that I WASN'T going to tell them, he was and turned on my heel and fled to my sadly waiting car.

I came home and did what any self respection woman would do.................made coffee and rang my Mum.

Poor Mum, she heard about all my sad and sorry woes for the last 5 years I reckon and listened with the patience that only a mother can.

I though she was especially gracious when the ugly cry started ( you know, the one with the racking sobs and the snot and the puffy, nasty eyes) and I apologised for being pathetic, only to launch into a new ugly cry with the realisation that I was crying about being pathetic.

What do you make of that Dr Freud?

Sometimes we need to cry the ugly cry. Sometimes we need to let it all hang out and get rid of the baggage that has been weighing us down and all I can say is "thank God for Mothers". Thanks Mum for listening, again, not laughing too hard and providing the support I so badly needed.


Stay Beautiful,

K xx

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Dirty Secret

Yes, I have one. Really don't we all have a secret that's just a little dirty?

A fetish for shoes perhaps? Handbags? Patterned paper? ( yeah, don't deny THAT one scrappers )

A secret that you keep all to yourself and don't reveal to anyone.
A secret that is SUCH a guilty pleasure that you indulge all on your own.

I believe a confession is in order.

My jiggly bits can stand it no longer.................I HAVE to tell.

My thighs DEMAND it.

It will no longer be my guilty little pleasure that nobody knows about.

This is what I NEED to share.
Please.............................don't laugh at me or ridicule me. I can be very sensitive.

Here goes........

Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate Coated Aniseed Rings!!!!!!!!!

There, it is out! I have come out!! My secret is revealed for all the world to see, my dirty laundry aired.

My passion for these started when I was pregnant with #3. We ALL know you do NOT get in the way of a pregnant woman and a craving. I wanted some of these a particular day, and Darrell Lea had run out. I was devastated. I could only eat THOSE ones. The kind lady put in an express order for me and I had them the next day.
Bliss, joy and elation. I had my fix.
Trouble is...........................I still NEED them. One whiff of aniseed and I am on the trail for these things. It's like a drug and I NEED it.

Do not try to stop me, do not get in my way. It will get ugly.
I had intended to photograph the full packet...............................................sorry.

I am so ashamed..................................almost.
My thighs thank you for listening. They are grateful you care.

Have a great weekend
Stay Beautiful

p.s. It was only a small packet

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lately I have been thinking alot of my own mortality.
Don't worry, I'm not sick or anything, just thinkin' about the future I suppose. Maybe that's a sign of maturing or getting old. ;P
Maybe I don't want to do either one!!

I have never been afraid of dying, but rather what happens to the ones I love who are left behind. Will they really be living in a stinkpot of filth and dirty clothes? Will they miss the sometimes crappy food I serve up? Will they think of me on their wedding days? Will they miss the constant nagging and sometime arguments about the state of their rooms? Ok, fair enough, They don't HAVE to miss that.

Then there's the heaven issue. What if, in my life I haven't done ENOUGH to get me there? What if it's a ruse and all I get to do for all eternity is haunt stuff? ( I would probably only get to haunt a dunny or something ) What if as a person, I haven't been ENOUGH?

Then I get to play with patterned paper and eat dessert and it all seems OK. If there's no heaven, there wouldn't be patterned paper right? Or caramel cheesecake dessert, or profiteroles, or Mum's dumplings...
Maybe, just maybe it will all be ok...................and Mum, I NEED, NEED, NEED some golden syrup dumplings..........for Andrew.

Some more offerings from the collage sheet I did. Look familiar Mum?
Have a wonderful day
Stay Beautiful,
K xx

Monday, February 15, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things

Yep, I think I will compile a list of my favourite stuff.
*Like....the smell of rain
*Lightning storms ( not too close )
*Kisses and cuddles
*My family
*My friends
*Patterned paper

I think this will be an add to list as time goes on............

I WILL add this though.
A photo of my amazing sister, my beautiful daughter and eccentric old me. I think I will scrapbook this one a hundred times, I love it so much.

There is a sense of belonging to something bigger in this pic, something bigger than us. We are bound by blood and also love. We are all kinda alike, but so different as well.

My Dad would tell you that it's exceptional breeding stock......... he's hilarious like that.

I say it's because we are all exceptional in our own way.
3 exceptional women.
Now THAT'S something to be proud of and to be celebrated.
The other 2 exceptional women were stuck in Mitchell and Roma and didn't make it to the shindig...................................we still love them though.
We didn't save them cake.............sorry.
Stay beautiful
K xx

Family Matters

No matter what you do or where you go, family is SO important. I am fortunate to belong to a strong, loving family that are open and honest with each other. I also belong to an in-law family like that too.
My nephew turned 30 and we had a little party. The old jokes have SO stopped coming from them now that there are 3 of us in our 30's.
I am so blessed to have grown up with these kids like they are my brothers ( and sister who couldn't make it to the party ). They have grown into loving, compassionate, strong men and woman and I couldn't be prouder of them. I sure hope my kids turn out as good.
SO....................... what I am trying to say is that my family is as important to me as breathing and I can't imagine my life without any of them. (Mum and Dad, you MUST live forever)
Take the time to appreciate your family, because life is too short for the shitty stuff.
Stay beautiful,
K xx

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mojo kickstarted at LAST

Hi, I have been doing a few cards (see last post) in preparation for doing my nieces wedding invitations, trying to find my mojo. I feel like it is returning.
I did a split shift at work this week and had to come home for 3 1/2 hours. I saw some stuff involving collage on the net and thought I would channel Marcy, and voila! My first collage. I started with a 12x12 white cardstock sheet and just tore up stuff and stuck it down. I didn't think about it too much, just went for it. (Do they call that artistic freedom?)
I told myself if it sucked, it could go in the bin and nobody would know. BUT.......... I was so happy with the result. When the glue was dry, I cut the sheet up into the desired sizes and distressed and stamped some more until I was happy. This is the result. My gorgeous nephew's 30th birthday card. The party is tomorrow night, so will see if he likes it then.
BTW, thanks for all the comments. I can't believe anyone reads this besides Mum, and I so get a kick out of what you all write. Keep 'em coming.
Thanks for the inspiration Marcy, I have been stalking your blog NOT leaving comments LOL, but love your work.
Stay beautiful,
K xx

Monday, February 1, 2010

Craniums, Cyclones and Creativity

Well, the great debate has been solved. Thankyou Mum for your cranium contribution on this one. You're the bomb!

Go to my post called "Still on It" and check out the comments to see what Mum has found. Perhaps it's something she has drawn on from real life. How old ARE you MUM??

Just a word to let you know that we were almost blown from the face of the earth with ex-cyclone Olga making her mark here in Townsville. I tried to get some photos of the driving rain, but the wind kept shifting everything around. I think we ended up with around 300-400 mm of rain. Amanda flooded her room by leaving her window open..................not cool. Nothing dries in extreme humidity. In fact, I even found mould behind one of my ears..............true.

SO, what's a girls to do when the rain is bucketing down? Play with paper of course!! Here are some offerings of a fiddle with water colour paper, kindy glitz, Twinkling H2oS,Timmy Holtz distress inks and my new butterfly stamp. As you can also see, I was using a range of 'thinking of you' rubons. Gotta use up some of that stash!!! Shhhhh

Mmmmm, bliss.

Stay Beautiful,

K xx