Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sometimes we can't help ourselves.

We have something to be proud of and NEED to show it off.

Sometimes that "thing" is nowhere near as impressive to others as it is to us, but we need to show it anyway.

I think this is what's happening here.

Harry loves his muscles, but look carefully.

I love this kid and as a mother it's my job to be impressed.

I am.


Stay beautiful

K xx

Monday, June 22, 2009

On the move............again

As I write this I am amid neat rows of packed moving boxes. Yep folks, we are on the move again. 6 months in one house is enough, I need to get out!! Not really......I hate moving. I hate how we have only been here 6 months and have already settled into the place. Everything should still be in the place it belongs, not strewn across the lounge room or bedroom. Heck, imagine if I had unpacked all the boxes instead of only the stuff we needed. My DH is the worst, and if he thinks I'm packing his crap in the shed....................................think again. I am NOT even going in there to tidy up. Oh, forgot to mention that he is in Brisbane all week.........moving week.............and I am left to do the lot again. One of my friends thinks I should call him "blister". Appears after all the work is done!!!

The 3 kids have been unusually helpful, which only makes me wonder what they want. I KNOW they will want something.

On the upside, our new house is only around the corner, much better suited for our family and has a kitchen to LIVE ( not die ) for!! Yep, my office has been upgraded!

Thought I would show a pic of a little visitor who thought he was on holiday at some resort. Sorry Bud, pool needs cleaning so it's time to leave. Ethan loves a crawlie ( or in this case a jumpy) and was fascinated at a close up look. I think it's a cane toad, so we won't look too close.

Until next time,

Stay beautiful

K xx

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deep Winter and go the Maroons

Well it's deep Winter here and as you can see we have a fog!! Yep, took this about 7am from the front porch looking East. The temp was a cool 18deg. Deep Winter here. LOVE IT!! I have to admit though, Amanda and I have missed the beautiful Autumn leaves and rugging up with scarves and uggies and feeling a cold nose. Someone remind me I said this when we relocated ( yet again) back to the colder climes!!

And speaking for football, how was the State of Origin? We got social and went into the neighbours place, had homemade pizza, and cheered shamelessly ( and really loudly ) for QLD. Well, most of us did. There was one, lonely little NSW supporter and he only got the chance to get vocal a few times. He was a bit timid, he was. Not like my man at all.

Looking forward to the long weekend, going to see a local production of Grease tonight. GO Chloe!!!

Have a great one and stay beautiful

K xx

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Motivation Zero

I am having an issue getting motivated to do anything at the moment. Maybe it's my medication ( which makes me feel like I have the mother of all hangovers EVERY morning ) or maybe I am just lazy, or perhaps I have given into myself and am going to do the things I feel like doing for a bit. After considering all that, I think it's because we have received some bad news from a really close source.

My "other Dad" (I have 3) has found he has the "dreaded "C"". The prognosis is not great, but hopefully he will fight the good fight and all that. I hope above all that his quality of life will be top priority. Makes you start thinking of your own mortality and how your life can turn on a dime. All we really have is here and now.


Today I will read my book, I will sit on the computer when and for as long as I want and I will tell each of my children and DH how much I love them.

BTW I love all of you too!!

Stay beautiful

K xx