Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playing with paper

I love playing with paper. It makes me happy. I love just fiddling. I'm a fiddler. I love techniques and making my own embellishments. I will share a LO I have done about Poxy Paper. It is an in-house joke with my scrapping friends and me. Every scrapbook camp we went on, the organiser would make up a goody bag for us. (She got an accidental order of 200 pieces of PP ) Every year for about 4 years ( and there were 2 camps a year ) a piece of this paper would appear in this goody bag. There were various challenges featuring this paper and to test our creative abilities. Bronwen and Pauline managed to make something from their paper. I went with the easy option of doing a LO ABOUT the paper. I present.........................POXY PAPER!!

The other thing I want to share is the card I made as part of the 7 Deadly Sins challenge over at

The criteria were

1. Had to be in green and black only

2. Had to use transparency

3. Had to have doodling and say "good luck"

This was my offering. The card itself is made from transparency with butterflies stamped in Staz-On. The butterfly on the circle is stamped from acetate and cut out. I put a little bling on the wings and best them up for some height. Hope you enjoy.

It's a long weekend here in QLD for us. Who knows what we will get up to. I think Andrew has a plan for some sightseeing. Can't wait.

Stay beautiful

K xx

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What do you envy?

Have you ever wished you were an animal? Or maybe entertained the thought you had a previous life and were SOMETHING else? This week over at Wicked Princesses the 7 Deadly Sin we were to scrap about was envy. There were criteria to be met and they were:

1. You can only use green and black

2. You had to doodle

3.You had to use transparency

This was hard. I changed my mind a few times and had a dream I was an elephant ( don't go there ) and how happy I was. Yes.........................I dream in colour and yes...........................mostly they are weird. My best ideas come when I dream, but sometimes they are a little bent. LOL!

Anyhoo, here is my take on the challenge, and get over to the gallery to see what other have come up with. I am amazed with the variety and the different interpretations. My LO in comparison to most is quite boring. Straight lines, big photo. I don't collage well and have given up trying to imitate someone else's style. Perhaps it says a lot about me......big bum ( pic ) and straight...............except in my dreams!!

Have a great day,

Stay beautiful

K xx

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teach the Children

Today, my thoughts turn towards the people who have given a lot. People who I will never know or have the chance to thank. The people who decided to make a stand against wrong and who believed in our country and way of life enough to pay the ultimate price of giving their lives. We hear stories about the horrors of war, what happened and victories that were won against all the odds. We hear stories of Australian larrikinism, bravery, and mate ship. The wars fought in the past and the ones currently underway, seem to bring out the very best and the very worst of people.

I cannot say thank you to the people who dies in the name of freedom, but I can do the next best thing. I can teach the next generation. My DH and I often talk about what was given up for them in order for them to be free, and I'm proud to say they get it. They REALLY get it. They understand that freedom is never free. They understand that the best thing they can do is remember not only the fallen of long ago, but also the men & women still fighting for freedom today. They understand that one day there will be no one left and they will NEED to remember, to tell their children.
This year we didn't attend any dawn services or marches, and our ANZAC day was the poorer for it. We still talked about it though and watched the old men struggle down the street, marching for themselves and for mates long ago. It still gives me chills and I feel like hugging every one of them and telling them they won't be forgotten. I usually cry.

I always wonder however, no matter how long they were away fighting , what kind of war they fought when they got home.


Amanda decided to do some cooking today and what a job she did! Honey Biscuits with butter honey cream filling. Seriously YUM.These are the prettiest, tastiest little morsels I have had in a long time. Needless to say, she will need to bake some more tomorrow. Even the eldest DS was full of compliments for his sister's cooking. She even cleaned up after herself!!! THAT, dear friends is the bonus!!

Until next time,

Stay Beautiful

K xx

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Send Sven over NOW!

Well, my back is still killing me. Could it be the lawn bowls or something more sinister? I believe Sven the masseur should magically appear and take all the pain and stress of my injury away. I could SO go a massage now. Never mind, DH will be home for lunch, so I'm sure he'd be more than willing to massage my back. In the meantime, I have bathrooms to clean. Perhaps Sven could be the maid too?

Just a little share on a couple of cards I made. I certainly don't consider myself a cardmaker, but was pleased with the results.

The purple one is part of the 7 Deadly Sins Challenge over at Wicked Princesses.

1. It had to be purple

2. It had to have bling on it

3. It had to have Celebrate You as the sentiment.

The other card was so much fun to make. It was part of a cyber blind card class. The way it works is that the teacher gives you a list of stuff you'll need, and dimensions to cut paper and so on. can't SEE anything. It's up to you how you interpret her instructions. It only took a little while and it was heaps of fun.

Stay Beautiful

K xx

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lawn Bowls is NOT just for oldies.

Dad, I needed you today and where were you? Why did you forsake me so? I was humiliated and sadly lacking brilliance. I tried to channel you and you weren't there. Aunty Lyn wasn't there either. So what hope did I have. I was alone and forsaken.


My Dad is a lawn bowler. You might think that is funny. I don't. It's harder than it looks and I was bad. Really bad at it. Don't get me wrong, I had moments of brilliance, but they were more arse than class.

And it was hard. Not just technically. Hard because it HURT. Yep, hurt. My back was killing me and one knee refused to yield to my instructions. Is that why there are heaps of hip and knee replacements in our senior folk? Is lawn bowls the insidious killer of joints? Is it the silent damager of cartliage? Bet you won't see a study on THAT!

So, bowling folk. My rather crumpled and sweaty hat ( and , NO, it wasn't white ) goes off to you and I declare your sport worthy of more accolades than it gets. Very technical, very strategic, and physically hard. My Dad has hit his athletic peak at 79 and I am struggling at 37. Says much on how tough they used to breed 'em.

However, when the silver hairs start to creep through the unnatural colour my hair is now, I think I will think of my Dad and the occasional frozen chook he used to bring home(Now it's tinned fruit and money) and smile to myself as I reach for my bowls bag and crotcheted cloth and head on out for 'a day on the green".
My 14 year old son played as well and I am sad to say Pop left him too. We had high hopes, him and I, being from a bowling stock, but, NAY good folks, channelling was not for us today. We had a lot of fun and were fairly matched.

I will leave you with a picture I took yesterday morning lying on the driveway in the wet dew. I think there's perfection in this world and I think nature holds most of it. These are the most darling little mushrooms and as soon as the sun hit them they closed up. They even look like they are inside out. Something so delicate and so perfect chose to grow beside my driveway............beside the wheels of my 4WD. How's that for brave. I hope you enjoy the no so great pic, and get my drift.

Or not.

Stay beautiful

K xx

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just a little share of a layout I did with the Wicked Princesses "7 Deadly Sins" challenge. ( see blinkie on side of page )I struggled with this layout because it had to have the following criteria.

1. Had to be about me

2. Had to be monochromatic purple

3. Had to have bling on it ( ok, I didn't really struggle with that bit )

4. Had to be titled "It's all about me"

So, I did it. I'm quite pleased with the result, although the woman in the photo seriously can't be me. I look at her face and realise that she has never been hurt by her children. She hasn't realised that her marriage is in trouble ( at the time of the portrait ). And she really doesn't know who she is. BUT..........she knows great love.

I am grateful she got to experience the feeling of nice, bouncy boobs, so she could appreciate them when she wakes up and finds one under her armpit. I am grateful she is naive about raising her children so she doesn't know what's ahead of her. She is young and silly and really always knew who she was, just needed to trust herself. And, I am TRULY grateful she continues to know and experience daily great love.

She is older ( oh, so much older ), she is wiser and she is complete. me.

Stay Beautiful

K xx

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Birthday Wish

Something happened yesterday that just blew me away. But first, before I launch into this story, I need to give you some background.

A few days ago, my very fair skinned, red-haired daughter was swimming and was asked twice,"Did you put sunscreen on?" I know nothing apparently, being a child before sunscreen was invented ( I am also fair and freckly). She chose to ignore me, and I did the hardest thing a mother can do.............I let it go. No surprises how she looked that night. Anyway, the sunburn was quite severe, requiring anaesthetic spray and litres of aloe vera to be applied. Amanda tried so hard not to complain, as she knew it was her fault, but she was in so much PAIN. When the blisters appeared, they were a sight to behold. BIG, FAT, FIRM blisters peppered her arms and chest. They are gone, but the peeling is about to start.

Which brings me to the story.

Ethan got a bike helmet ( among other things ) for his birthday and wanted to try it out, understandably. I said "put some shoes on". And apparently, I STILL know nothing. 10 minutes later a little voice said, "Mum, would you please come outside?" Out I went expecting blood and I wasn't disappointed. He had scraped his inner ankle along that bony bit and there was a stream of blood running down his foot. I gently did the "I told you so, and I don't tell you stuff to hear myself talk," and proceeded to impart some of my worldly wisdom of what happened to me when I was his age. I cleaned him up and gave him a cuddle ( he is still at the age when a cuddle from me will fix most things), and the bottom lip began to quiver. I asked what was wrong as two fat tears slip down those kissable cheeks.

This is what he said............................

" Mum, you know how you get a birthday wish?"

"Yes" said I

" I gave my wish to Amanda to make her shoulders better. Do you think they will be better soon, and the leftover magic will fix my foot? She needs my wish more than me, so I can wait for a little while if they need more fixing."

I gave him another snug as fat tears slid down my face. I explained to my little guy how thoughtful that was to wish his wish for someone else.

A 7 year old is so unjaded and so believes in " the birthday wish", and is acutely aware that you only get 1 per year, so I was so moved that he chose to wish something for his sister ( whom he adores ). I so hope that selflessness is going to be a character trait of his, he could do a lot worse and the world could sure use some of what this little boy possesses.

My wish is when my birthday comes around, I can be so unselfish and pass that wish on to someone else. They are, after all, precious.

Stay beautiful

K xx

Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 today!

Exactly 7 years and 6 months ago yesterday, my life changed. Seriously, not just changed a car or bought some new clothes. I found out Andrew and I were expecting our 3rd child. We were only ever having 2. As well as this *ahem* surprise, Andrew was going for an interview for a full time teaching position in Tamworth and wanting to leave the RAAF. This day, was NOT a good day.

You know............. when you think your life is leading you somewhere and you have plans to go there and the next 5 years is mapped out and all is good and peaceful and certain? NOT SO HERE.

It took me a long time to accept that there was to be another addition and I wondered if I would love this little one as much as the other 2. All that stuff. You know, it wasn't until I actually held all 9lb 2oz of him in my arms, that could actually ACCEPT this was happening. I felt the love surge for this little person and I knew I could be Mum-to-3. Truth be known, it was the easiest pregnancy of the 3, and although he was a little on the large size, it wasn't a bad delivery. He was the easiest of the 3 as a baby and was fairly easy going and has a smile to melt the hardest of hearts. He is also incredibly mischievous and laughs so readily and infectiously with a wicked sense of humour, I cannot imagine our life without him. We are, as a family, complete.

Ethan turned 7 yesterday, and I still can't believe that these kids are growing up before my very eyes. He celebrated his birthday with some family presents and then Scott and Emma arrived with an "unexpected surprise" of pool toys. We went to the Aquarium and the Museum and met with the Minn's family and all ventured home for Ethan's birthday tea. He had requested Nachos and he wanted his cake to be violet crumble cheesecake, so that's what he got.

As I was putting him to bed, a little arm wound around my neck and he said......."thank you Mummy, this was such a lovely birthday and I am the luckiest kid around". *sigh* that's when you know all the tears you have shed and all the talking you have done is worth it. Tomorrow might be filled with tantrums and pouts, but today is good.

Happy Birthday little Harry, we love you and are such a precious gift.

Stay beautiful

K xx

Friday, April 17, 2009

What School Holidays?

I can't believe it, the school holidays are nearly over and I haven't even been stressed by the kids yet. Except when we were camping. Seriously, they think camping is a holiday. Not so. 5 stars is my idea of a truly downtime holiday. Anyhoo, never been to anywhere that has 5 stars, so will make so with what has been handed me. We have had a lovely holidays without a lot of fighting , mouthing off and stress. I think the kids have recognised that, and are agreeing that it's much more pleasant. I actually want to take them places and do things with them, so I think the message is getting through.

We have joined Reef HQ, been to check out the local library, been to the movies, had sleepovers, visits, movie days and shopping trips and it all has been lovely. I think I have had a win and all the teaching and yelling I have done had gotten through, and even though they are horrible to each other at times, I think it will all be ok in the end. Take heart screaming, tired mothers.............the light at the end of the tunnel ISN'T a train!!!

I will be sad to see school go back and be on my own all day actually, but give me a day or 2 and I'm sure I will adjust ok.

Looks like this house is sold and we will know for sure on the 24th of April. Watch this space for details. There has been a house become vacant 2 doors up and it looks like that would suit us down to the ground. Getting the key Monday and having a look. 5brms, pool, big shed and double garage. The only thing is, IT ONLY HAS 1 AIRCONDITIONER! And that's in our room. The previous tenants have trashed it, and the owners are horrified. They are keen for us to move in though, and are prepared to do some work for the right tenants.....which would be us! Will let you know how it goes. Off to do some pool supervision, but will eave a pic of Millaa Millaa Falls for you to drool over. I just wish I was a better photographer ( something I am working on )

Stay beautiful

K xx

Monday, April 13, 2009

Camping, Waterfalls and Leeches

What a wonderful Easter we had. We went camping with another family to see the sights the "Wet Tropics" had to offer. We set off early Good Friday morning with Mack-Daddy, Clown Sleeves, Dory and Mighty Mouse in one car and the team was "Screaming Gophers". In the other car was Papa Smurf, Pink Knickers, Skipper, Boo-Mae and Harry and our team being the "Killer Bass". We kept in touch through UHF radios, thus the call signs. We got to Bramston Beach ( Near Babinda) and set up camp close to the beachfront. Gorgeous setting. Rain squalled in and out through most of the weekend, but it didn't really bother us. After all, if you're going to see the "Wet Tropics" you are going to get............well.......wet. Because it's so warm, it really isn't an issue.

Mack-Daddy was the tour master and Clown Sleeves the Nav, so we set off in search of adventure and sightseeing. We were SO not disappointed. Babinda Boulders, Atherton, Millaa Millaa falls and the waterfall loop were the destinations of the weekend. Along the way some aired their VERY interesting , but useless knowledge of all things in our path. Saw some pretty amazing trees and Lakes in volcano craters. Saw a mumma cassowary with chicks at foot along the road out of Mission Beach. Very Rare.

This is a beautiful part of Australia and the more I think how old the rain forests are, the more it blows me away.
We were fortunate to camp with an amazing family who took the time to show us the sights and everything was done with great fun and wonderful humour. We are blessed to know you guys and love you lots.

Can't wait for the next long weekend.......................maybe we'll head inland this time, although Andrew and I have earmarked some places for a re-visit while we are here.
Hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did, so I will sign off from the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gophers,

Stay beautiful

K xx

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the blink of an eye

It is so true what is said about children growing up in the blink of an eye. Here is my lovely daughter Amanda, 12 1/2 going out for dinner as the culmination to a program run at school called "Shine". It's a program run by the school chaplains about self image and self esteem. I think all girls should be offered the opportunity to do something like this, as it has truly benefitted her. Amanda has always been a confident, poised girl, but moving schools really diminished some of that confidence. This program has helped restore that and more. My confident, caring, happy girl is back with us, and when I saw these pics, I wanted to cry. Only yesterday I was wiping her nose, changing her nappy, and kissing bruises.

Amanda has always had an "inner light" and when I saw these, I can see it captured on film. The only makeup she has on is mascara and lip gloss. Thanks to mu nephew's lady, the fabulous Lexie for doing Amanda's hair ( she is an apprentice hairdresser ) and helping her to feel lovely.

Monday, April 6, 2009

HI everyone. Here is a pic of me looking forward to going away for Easter!! Woo Hoo!! Can't wait. I am almost, nearly organised to boot, so things are looking up. Good luck to the Cougars camping at Lake Keepit over Easter. Looks Like RAIN...............AGAIN!!! LOL
Have just had the owners of our house inspect and they are the loveliest people. He is in the Army and currently in Afghanistan ( on leave for 2 weeks ) and she works for Border Security!! They are so nice and as it looks like the house has been sold, they were asking what would be convenient for us for a settlement!! Looks like we will be here until the lease expires, and on the move 13th July. Can't wait, but we will have visitors then. Might have to rope them into helping. Hey Roz, Panch, Nikkers and Lara, we need a hand!!! The owner showed me how to use the sprinkler system, so yay us. No more dragging the soaker hose around. This thing is all automated with 6 sections. Posh, and he said...expensive. It was apparent to them that the real estate managing the property aren't doing a good job, so they told me to deal directly with them. How good is that. I am glad I could show them the damage the previous tenants had done, so they don't think it was us.

Have been to school for literacy groups. I so could NEVER be a teacher. I don't like my own kids all the time, let alone other people kids!!! Mind you, I LOVE my kids all the time.
A bit full on until after Easter, so won't blog until then.

Stay beautiful

K xx

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mohawn Man and Easter share

Hi everyone, hope your weekend was great. Ours was. Nothing too much happened and that's the way I wanted it this weekend.

Josh played baseball Saturday and was invited to play with the senior men on Sunday. He played 2 games with the seniors and he said he played pretty bad. He said he was really nervous, so that may have been it. He enjoyed the games though and that's the main thing.

Ethan went to Gym and when I picked him up he was red-faced and sweaty. He said he "gave his all" today. What a great attitude. I wish I could say I did that EVERYDAY.

Amanda didn't play golf this week, and she really missed it. I think it's the time with Dad that's the attraction there as well. They enjoy each other's company and it's so important for a girl to have a great relationship with her Dad.

We had my nephew, Scott, his partner Emma and my other nephew's partner Lexie here for lunch on Sunday. Lexie is an apprentice hairdresser and did cuts on the boy's hair. She gave Josh a mohawk, which I was horrified at, but in the end I thought it looked really good. Josh doesn't like it and didn't want to hurt Lexie's feelings, so said nothing. He has asked me to cut it off this afternoon. He is learning about women's last !! LOL

Just thought I would share some little things I have made for Easter. We are camping with another family at Bramston Beach

and instead of trying to keep heaps of eggs cool, I am making camping survival kits. They consist of an eyemask, earplugs and a small bar of chocolate. I plan to give them on Friday as they can be used all weekend. As you can see by the pic, there's some for the girls and some for the fellas.

There's a new challenge at and at the moment, there's only a few of us involved. Would be great to get some more action from others there. We are going hard at the layouts and I don't think I have scrapped so much in my life!! Yeah!

Until next time,

Stay beautiful

K xx

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It didn't start well

Have you ever had a week that didn't start well, but came screaming home in a blaze of glory? This was one of those weeks for me. Things were going down that slippery slope to despair Monday & Tuesday, and thenon Wednesday....................I checked my email. I had won a set of Stampin' Up! Stamps. Thanks Lisa. Check out Lisa's blog here.

She's one talented lady and has 4 little boys to boot. Dunno where she gets the time, but she's amazing.

Checked my email the next day. I had won a stamp set from Wicked Princesses. Thanks so much girls. Check out the link here and the blinkie on the side of this page may have got your attention. Get in there and check out the 7 deadly sins challenge. What have YOU got to confess.

The phone rang and it was my sister. Jen, it was so great to hear your voice and I so desperately needed to hear it that day. You are a treasure and I love you very much.

Went to get the mail yesterday as the postie was trying to get off her bike and I thought I would meet her half way. It was a packinge from my mad SIL. There were some little treasures and a couple of patterns and some of the cutest "Wine Slippers" you ever did see. She is a do-er this one and can turn her hand to any craft. Haven't managed to get her into paper yet though. Thankyou Sue, I was so grateful for your thoughtfulness and your creativity.

THEN. I went to get the mail again today as this time the postie was trying to jam a package into my newspaper thing on the mailbox ( that was already full of junk mail ), and there was a parcel from my lunatic friend Marnie. In this parcel was a roll on deodorant and a pair of socks. I read the card, and I couldn't stop laughing for a full 15 minutes. She had this parcel for me when I was bemoaning the cyclone situation soon after we moved here. The deodorant is for when the sweat was really running and the socks were for when I couldn't get anything dry. She said she doesn't want me to get foot rot! What a crack up! The funny thing is, I ran out of deodorant today and the kids have flogged all my socks. Thankyou for your humour Marn and your heart is huge. I miss you lots. Check out Marnies blog here because she is as talented as she is funny.

So, as you can see this week has gone from being rather Ho Hum crappy to Oh Yum Happy!!! I am so grateful for my family and friends, as life would be so hollow without them.

Just sharing a couple of layouts I did for the Bootcamp Challenge. I found this weeks sketch really hard to get and I'm still not happy with the results. Anyhoo, here they are. Get over here and join us if you haven't already. It's a great chance to use up your buy more!

have a great weekend. Stay Beautiful

K xx