Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventure Sunday

Another Screaming Gophers tour.

We got out and about to enjoy some of our beautiful country again on Sunday. This trip was to Wallaman Falls, just West of Ingham.

I was struck with the beauty of a changing landscape. From scrubby country to lush cane fields, to rainforest's growing in a complete canopy over the road, it is so beautiful. I am developing a new appreciation for our land. I also love how when we were going through the rain forest, the kids wound down all the windows to catch "that" smell. You know, that humid, wet, a little rotting, but still alive smell of rain forests. They all commented how it reminded them of Dorrigo on the NSW plateau. I thought the forest reminded me of Yabbra State Forest on the NSW North Coast. Many car trips were taken through there when I was a child (with Mum & Dad )to get to where we were going. I recall the bellbirds, the whipbirds and scrub turkeys. I, too, wound down the window to savour the small all those long years ago. I remember the narrow, winding roads and we would often encounter a fully laden log truck taking up most of the road. It called for some "creative" driving on Dad's part.

But, I digress. Back to the waterfall.

It is the largest single drop waterfall in Australia, and with the wet season still pumping, we thought it worth a look.

Spectacular, is all I can say. The drop was amazing, but the amount of water going over the edge was mind blowing. The spray was coming back up about 1/2 way. We just got there, took about 6 photos, and DOWN CAME THE RAIN. I don't mean small drops either, they were big, fat, hard drops.

Going with the theory, that you can only get SO wet before it ceases to matter, we pressed on with the exploring. I fed a leech. Ewwwww! Forgot how gross those things were. Don't worry though, I took the salt............nobody was laughing at me after that!!

We fast discovered that if we limited our lifestyle in the wet season, be wouldn't be living. Some things are just better in the wet.

This was one of them.

Stay beautiful,

K xx


  1. A glimpse of paradise this looks to me. Thanks for sharing Kel. xx

  2. Takes me back years ago when we lived up north. Your photos are great.When is Harry's birthday?
    missing you heaps. Love Bronnie xxxxxx

  3. PS What's your Mum's email address?

  4. OMG, these photos are beautiful!!
    What a gorgeous spot :0)

  5. Oh my goodness! What a stunning place