Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Hi all.
Happy Mother's Day, and I hope you get to do something REALLY special today (and tomorrow too), you deserve it.
My day started at 5.50am. Yes, you heard right. My little man was so excited about Mothers Day he could barely contain himself. For those that know me, to say I am NOT a morning person is a gross understatement. The sun wasn't even up, and the moon was exhausted. I sent him back to bed for an hour. He appeared exactly an hour later and I was ok with that. I had had an hour to leave dreamland and crawl to the surface and rub the sleep from my eyes.
He was just so excited, and it was all I could do to make him NOT give me the gifts he had bought at the mothers day stall at school last week. He had hidden them 3 times in different spots so I wouldn't find them.
The best thing, for me, about Mother's Day is the little things. I LOVE the fact that Ethan has agonised over the table of gifts and selected the ones that he thought I would REALLY love. With $4 (I gave him $5 and he bought me change, would you believe) he bought me a little trinket box that smells like perfume (ie someones Nanna donated it), a lollipop with an attachment that can be a flower AND a butterfly if you spin it round, AND a candle so that when "you get romantic with Dad you can light it"!! How funny is that? I love it. I also received a beautiful wooden box that my girl had created at school. It is 2 types of wood and she has done a superb job.I was hoping she would give that to me, and you all know I love handmade gifts.
Also received was a pottery planter to put herbs in and matching bag of potting mix.
Breakfast in bed was served by my husband (even though I'm not HIS mother) and was helped to be eaten by Ethan. It's ok though, all the crumbs went on Andrew's side.......LOL

Enjoy the day, stay beautiful
K xx

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