Monday, September 6, 2010

The Family that plays together.....................

I love it that my two older men in the family do something together.
They play baseball.
A lot of the time the older one pitches and the younger one catches (the older one feels too "old" some days)
They encourage each other and there's a bit of banter going on most of the time. Bottom line is, they can count on each other when a play is being made. They don't need to look where the other one is - they just know they will be there.
I love watching them play, and I have a million pics of them. This one, however was taken 2 weeks ago., and it would be one of my faves.
I love the look on their faces.
They both love the game, and love each other.
They felt the need to play in their old Tamworth uniforms to make it an "All Stars" team.
I don't know, but there was a lot of "glory slides" done by the old one that day. He said it was the uniform. "LIKE A COUGAR"!!!!
Stay beautiful,
K xx


  1. Families that play together stay together.
    Great moments!!!

  2. OMG, Josh is so tall, what are you feeding that kid??? Great shot to treasure of them both. M