Monday, July 13, 2009

How's your Winter?

Well, Mum and Dad have been and gone. Had a lovely time with them, but had to move house in the middle of their visit. That was a huge bummer as we would've liked to have done so much more with them. I misss them so much and it was much harder so say goodbye than I thought it would be. The kids miss them heaps as well, so oldies, if you think you haven't made an imoression on little people, think again. This will be a destination for next time.Next time, Mum & time. So many beautiful places to see, like this one. Magnetic Island.

Island of fantasies and daydreams.

We have more visitors at the moment, so Chateau de Chambers is full until August. Roz and Panch are from Tamworth and had booked this visit before we even left. So great to see them and we waited for them to come to go to Magnetic island. WOW!!!

We took the car over on the ferry on Sunday, saw the island, deposited Roz and Panch at their accommodation and came home. We loved it so much we are going back this weekend with more visitors. Might even do some snorkelling. Yep, the water is still that warm here.....snorkelling ( in case you didn't read the words properly ). I could seriously live on that island. Lifestyle so laid back, casual, infrastructure in place..................*sigh* real estate REALLY PRICEY. I think I would have to sell a child to afford it. That's not gonna happen any time soon. Lack of buyers.

Economy. All that.

Don't hate me for living in a Winter dream. Seriously, there IS no other place to be in Winter other than North QLD.


Until next time,

Stay beautiful

K xx


  1. How dare you post photos like this while we are getting our butts frozen, and a bit of snow around the high parts to make it interesting. Really miss you guys and hope Pancho and Roz enjoy their break up there. xx

  2. My goodness more identifying I LOATHE WINTER! Those pic's look so ...warm! But Yea here in Wagga today we have sunshine first time in about 3 week!!!