Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Waaaiiiiit for it.............yep, we are done

Doing a little happy dance here in the tropics at the moment. Despite the face that we are still in t-shirts and shorts while the rest of the country is freezing ( well, there IS that ), we have finally MOVED!!!! YAY!!! Long anticipated, I know, but it has happened and we are officially in a GREAT house. NAY........a HOME!!! I am thrilled with the new place and we actually FIT!! The family was here visiting and helped us transition into our new abode (how was that for timing?) and we just got on with it. Many hands DO make light work and we were all moved in in 2 days. Now comes the task of unpacking boxes at this end. Bleh..I HATE that job. Still, Amanda has made choc-chip biscuits to keep me going, so that will make the boxes seem less I'm sure.
Until next time,
Stay beautiful
K xx
p.s for those of you that have just come from Scrap Camp............you ALL suck!!

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