Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sorta back on

Well, we have traded up to a new computer and it's a bit noice I must say. Just got to get all my programs off the fried one and on this one and I am back in business.
Lots happening with us, Amanda got dux of her year. I'm sorry if I mentioned it, we're kinda proud. Andrew went to Brisbane this week teaching and on Monday, got the call from school to come and get Josh, he's broken his collar bone. Yep, the kids is SPECIAL. Couldn't go for more than a year without seeing the inside of a hospital. Quite a bad break, but as he said.........."I've had worse". Without a doubt. So he's trussed up like a chicken for the next 6 weeks. yay,......not.
I became a great-aunt again last week with the safe arrival of Lauren Taylor Ramage. Congrats to Honnet and Ramo, we are so proud and you are so clever to have such a beautiful baby girl. We thought it was a boy, so the surprises just keep coming. You may address me hereafter by my title Great-Aunt Lella!!!
Went to the movies last night and saw New Moon. Not sure what to think, but it was a little cheesy in places. The kid who plays the part of Jacob Black really buffed up and he obviously worked hard for his new body. I feel like a dirty old woman, but that boy is FINE!!!! 'Nuff said there. Amanda was practically drooling on herself and Josh was looking at his guns to see if they compared...............they didn't. Nice movie though, think I will have to see it again to form an opinion.
Well, that's it, have to go to work now.You know, the mail MUST get through, through hail and sleet and snow. Yeah right!! Stinking hot here and there certainly ain't none of the aforementioned in this part of the world. Have a great weekend and
K xx


  1. hello my friend. long time no talk. i am as busy as ever and am having abig clean out.i am getting rid of all the baggagae and it feels fanstastic. i am cleansing my soul and my life. it was either that or go insane. i have thrown out a whole heaps of "weight loss" books and am not focusing on just being healthy. yes that means working hard at the gym and keeping up the exercise but as it helps my head so much i will keep going. work is great. the kids are fantastic but i am getting a bit run down and burnt out. am looking fo a change and am thinking about options (yes u are a clarivoant to have predict this half way thru the eyar i know). i am off to syd next week to have my knee done and i cant wiat (liar i know). i just want it all over and doen with so that i can play tennis and run and kiscj and jump without pain and without it collasping on me!!! it is hot as hell here but i am coping alright. collasped on fri(like you do when you dont drink and have rip snortin period cramps!!!) got sent home from work but that didint stop me. i went ot the gym the next day and wnet for a 2hr walk that arvo. i so have to ring you and chat. i will endeavour to tdo that when i am at hm next week or the week after and we will have to have big chats.
    love you lots and miss you and the kids heaps and heaps and heaps.

  2. Hello GAL. Great to see you up and at'em. Cupcake, what are you doing? You'll be an old man before your 20. I haven't seen New Moon yet but I was not fussed on the 1st one. Having watched True Blood on pay TV (which has alot of nude scenes and love scenes in it) I found these films more for kids(unless your a old perv like you obviously). Stay cool. Love Bronnie
    Ps Miss you heaps. I just heard that H&G is closing down in Tamworth. Trish is opening one up over at Port.

  3. big big big congrats to amanda that is fantastic news. josh well what can i say love. cotton kel that is all i can advise. big hugs to you all. mwah