Saturday, May 23, 2009

Now THAT'S a fish!!

Hi all, I just KNOW you have missed me!

We have had Andrews folks visiting for the last 10 days, so have been otherwise occupied. More people in this little house was almost hysterical. Well, it would have been if there wasn't the tummy bug going around that a few of us got. NOT fun.

Anyway, Andrew and his Dad went out on a fishing charter and this is what they brought home!! Tony's barra was 1.1 metres long. Forget all the other details - you know like men with babies when they are born. I just say BIG FISH.

We had to cut the thing up on our outdoor table as it wouldn't fit in my kitchen. No bench was long enough! SO..................we will be eating fish for a while. By the way, Andrew caught a mangrove jack, nice size too. We cryovacced it, so no, it wasn't bought from the shop, we just sealed it up as there was so much fish stink in my house, my stomach was turning.

That's all for now, will write again soon,

Stay beautiful,

K xx

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