Thursday, May 28, 2009

Please.........can I use your walking frame?

Do you rent or borrow or buy a walking frame? Have you ever thought about it? I mean, it's not like you are going to need it in heaven is it?
Perhaps a lease system should be the go.

I feel like I am quite near to needing a walking frame today as my oldest baby turned 14.

I SO don't feel old enough to have a 14yo running around, and I are all thinking it................I SO don't look old enough either!!!

Yup, 14 years ago today I entered into the foray of motherhood for the first time.

Manual in hand..................hang on........................where's the damn manual????


Has someone else got one? No???????????? What now?????? *panic*

No one told me I had to trust my instincts and WING IT!!! What if I have NO instincts? what if I have no wings???

Yep, that's the part they DON'T tell you. But kick in the instincts did and I soon found my heart overflowing with more love than I had ever imagined possible. I was charged with the responsibility of raising a little person that I was quite prepared to die for.

As things go, I don't reckon we have done too badly in the child raising stakes ( toot my own horn here ). We certainly have our challenges, but at the end of the day, the kids know right from wrong, how to be courteous and what we expect from them as they begin to take their place in society.

Yup, done good here. I have become an Oprah watching day-drinker and chain-smoker (not really), but feel like I have done a good job. That's all you can ask when the bloody manual didn't come with the baby isn't it?

p.s I am still prepared to die for him........................if I don't kill him first!! LOL

Stay beautiful

K xx


  1. You need a ladder first! LOL! xx

  2. No wings...raotfl dont kill him first!!! LOL A mother of three boys I hear ya!