Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deep Winter and go the Maroons

Well it's deep Winter here and as you can see we have a fog!! Yep, took this about 7am from the front porch looking East. The temp was a cool 18deg. Deep Winter here. LOVE IT!! I have to admit though, Amanda and I have missed the beautiful Autumn leaves and rugging up with scarves and uggies and feeling a cold nose. Someone remind me I said this when we relocated ( yet again) back to the colder climes!!

And speaking for football, how was the State of Origin? We got social and went into the neighbours place, had homemade pizza, and cheered shamelessly ( and really loudly ) for QLD. Well, most of us did. There was one, lonely little NSW supporter and he only got the chance to get vocal a few times. He was a bit timid, he was. Not like my man at all.

Looking forward to the long weekend, going to see a local production of Grease tonight. GO Chloe!!!

Have a great one and stay beautiful

K xx


  1. I haven't popped in for a while, love your morning misty photo (but boo that qld won - lol).
    That is so sad that your other dad has "C" hope treatment goes well for him.
    No one said we have to be motivated all the time - take it easy and recharge your batteries.

  2. Thanks Christine for taking the time to comment. I wish more people would!! LOL I have been stalking your blog and so wish we were close enough to "do coffee". Love your work and your outlook on life.
    Stay beautiful
    K xx