Monday, June 22, 2009

On the move............again

As I write this I am amid neat rows of packed moving boxes. Yep folks, we are on the move again. 6 months in one house is enough, I need to get out!! Not really......I hate moving. I hate how we have only been here 6 months and have already settled into the place. Everything should still be in the place it belongs, not strewn across the lounge room or bedroom. Heck, imagine if I had unpacked all the boxes instead of only the stuff we needed. My DH is the worst, and if he thinks I'm packing his crap in the shed....................................think again. I am NOT even going in there to tidy up. Oh, forgot to mention that he is in Brisbane all week.........moving week.............and I am left to do the lot again. One of my friends thinks I should call him "blister". Appears after all the work is done!!!

The 3 kids have been unusually helpful, which only makes me wonder what they want. I KNOW they will want something.

On the upside, our new house is only around the corner, much better suited for our family and has a kitchen to LIVE ( not die ) for!! Yep, my office has been upgraded!

Thought I would show a pic of a little visitor who thought he was on holiday at some resort. Sorry Bud, pool needs cleaning so it's time to leave. Ethan loves a crawlie ( or in this case a jumpy) and was fascinated at a close up look. I think it's a cane toad, so we won't look too close.

Until next time,

Stay beautiful

K xx

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