Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heeellllloooooo Handsome

Don't know what is going on around here. The moon must be in Venus, or Mars, or Saturn, or wherever the moon goes on holiday. (kinda like a blue moon with no "gettin' jiggy wit' it " involved )

My man has entered the kitchen............again. With help.....again.

Don't know how he got there, don't care where he's been. He's there now.

He is also sporting his father's day apron from a year ago. If you don't feel like straining your eyes to read the words it says, "Big nuts...........massive spanner".

Hmmmm, I love how proudly he wears it don't you?

Here's hoping the moon stays in it's current orbit.

Stay Beautiful

K xx


  1. I read this yesterday, and was outside last night and laughed my head off I have to tell you it was a full MOON!!! oh love the apron by the way! LOL! No mans more sexy than when he's in the kitchen cooking...oh ...hang on they are sexier when they are vaccuming...oh or hanging washing!OOOOOOh and definately drop dead sexy if they are ironing!!!! Make sure you tell hubby that... you read it on the net so it must be right ....RIGHT?! raotfl

  2. omg i am in trouble now. kelly meet marcy (scrappychick) marcy meet kel. you two together would be a riot. lol. kel tell andrew i love his nuts and the incrediable hulk would be jealous. as for the empty here is my sentence. i hope to empty some cans of bourbon at lake keepit in two weeks time.

  3. Love the photo of the cake making lesson. Harry looks so engrossed.
    "I can feel a scrap page coming on,
    I can feel a scap page coming on,
    Got the taste for it,
    Just can't wait for it,
    I can feel a scrap page coming on." sung to the music of a beer com (4x). That's right I couldn't wait for camp so decided to have some wine this arvo. Can you tell? Cheers Bronnie