Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How do ya like them apples?

I so miss my man when he goes away, I do.

BUT things run so very smoothly when he's away. Dinner is on the table on time, kids are bathed and ready for bed, homework done and handed in.........on time and away to school........yep.........on time. There seems to be less stress and I am more relaxed. It has occurred to me it's because I don't have to split my time yet another way. I try to give time to all and it's important to put time into your marriage, but I had no idea I put in SO MUCH TIME. Much more than I thought. Perhaps that's why we are still going after 16 years of marriage. And we aren't even THAT old!

Anyway, the thing I think I hate the most when DH is away, is sleeping. I just don't. I'm not scared or anything, just.......alone. I can't sleep when that chainsaw noise he calls a gentle snore isn't next to me. Perhaps the silence is the issue. Ponderings for today methinks.

Anyway, it all ends tomorrow approximately 6.45pm when the place lands, and our crazy life can resume again.

I love you more than cake baby.

Stay beautiful,

K xx


  1. oh kel that just makes me all gooey inside lol. i do understand the sleeping thing. ray has been working oncall at nights and once he gets called in a cant sleep. i think it is the fact there is no longer a body beside me.

  2. I know how you feel. When Gary goes away I feel like one of my arms has been cut off. That is a big bit missing. Of course as soon as he gets back we argue about something. Normality. Means different things for different people.
    Stay cool Chick.

  3. You need to blog more.I can't comment if you don't blog. I like commenting.
    Cheers Bron