Monday, August 10, 2009

Making Time for Taking Time

Yep, we live in a world full of gadgets to make our life less busy and all we are doing is filling that 'spare time' with other 'stuff'.

It's a well known fact that I'm not the most patient person cooking with kids. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that I do so much baking with 3 hungry kids and 1 husband,that I want to be in and out and onto the next thing.

Saturday, I thought I would change that. After the morning on the run with sport and kids' social engagements, my 7yo DS and I arrived home and decided to bake. He was desperate to make gingerbread men and decorate them. So in amongst cakes and a billion biscuits he made them. He did most of the baking himself including the rolling of the dough and cutting. He did really, really well. Into the oven and then he actually waited and watched them while they cooled.

All this time we were chatting away and singing songs and having a lovely time.

Gingerbread cooled under his watchful eye and onto the decorating. He was there for ,I swear, 2 hours doing the piping of the icing (in zip lock bags. God bless whoever invented THOSE) dropping a zillion silver cachous on the floor and having them bounce into my scrapbook bag (yes, they bounce) and carefully placing heart shaped sugar in all the strategic places. He sang and talked to the gingerbread men all the while and my heart swelled to enormous proportions. I have never seen place so much care and pride into something.

Everyone was amazed with the results and even 14 yo DS commented how fantastic they looked and how he should be very proud to have done all that fine work. ( and it was a genuine compliment )


The best part of my day, was at the dinner table when he stated that the best part of HIS day was talking with Mummy while he created his gingerbread men. *sigh* THIS is what makes the blood, sweat and tears of being a mother worthwhile. AND all he revelled in was my time.

This week, I will be making time to take time and just BE. I might even make it a habit like my NIKE year, but more on that later. I'll let you know how it goes.

Stay Beautiful

K xx


  1. This takes me back to wonderful memories of baking with my Mum. They are moments you truely treasure. Time alone with Mum. Mmm I can smell those bickies even now.

  2. Those little men look just delicious Ethan, you forgot to give me one!!!!

  3. wow they look unreal. i so hear where you are coming from kellie. life does seem to get in the way of the little but precious things. omg i am so craving a bikkie now pmsl.

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  5. WOW! My heart just melted and I'm blown away with your patience good going gal! We made Nasty cup cake with my boys last week I think you saw them on my blog, and my patience lasted all of about 30 minutes then people were getting told off for putting the blood splatter (red icing) in the wrong place or not poking the worms ( sour binka lolly worms...not the garden variety, they wiggle too much! LOL) into the cupcakes at the right angle! (sigh! I couldn't help myself darn OCD) Anyway I am proud of you efforts and they give me hope that we all can make the time to enjoy our children how ever messy that gets! OH AMAZING WORK ETHAN WHAT OUT MASTER CHIEF!!! :) :) :)
    PS... are you really sure you cant come an play at the retreat with us I really think you sound like an amazing lady and that I really have missed out by not meeting you! go on there a place left ...and Marnie will pick u up at the airport!!!LOL