Monday, August 9, 2010


My Beloved is away for 2 weeks.
I really miss him.
I want my feet tickled and my back rubbed. I want to lay on his lap on the lounge while he pretends I'm not there.
I NEED to sleep. I have even conned one of the kids (the smallest one) to sleep with me so my bed isn't so big and lonely.
I want someone to annoy when the adds are on TV, and someone to make me the best cup of tea ever when I'm not annoying him in the adds.
Hurry home babe, it's not the same without you.
You have only been gone 1 day........
Stay Beautiful,
K xx
P.s I thought it might be timely to remember all the families missing loved ones serving in the military overseas. I know lots of these families, and the ones left behind show incredible strength and resilience and quite frankly, you all should be called "Home Heroes".


  1. oh god love you kel. i would pay for someone to take my hubby lol. hope the time flies for you darls. and look on the bright side at least you have control of the remote control.

  2. It is great to see all of you so happy in your new home, I remember when you were packing and getting ready to move, you were taking a leap of faith, not to mention leaving your mum & dad and all of us. I also gigled at Marnie's comment, so honest and hilarious is true Marnie style, on ya Marn XOX, Life is precious live every minute!!! Megan

  3. What a great shot. I've saved it to scrapbook. You do miss your man though when his not home and wonder why the minute he gets home and opens his mouth.
    Sorry I have noy been communicating lately - will try and improve.
    Love Bronnie