Saturday, August 7, 2010


Amanda had her braces put on 2 weeks ago now.
There was very little drama and very little pain or ulcers in her mouth.
She is a trouper for sure.
I don't think the braces look too bad, but MAN, does she have some hardware in her mouth at the moment!!!! In the pic where her mouth is open, look carefully and see the expander across the top of her mouth. She has had that in for 2 months and will get it out just before Christmas. It looks a little like a horses bit. It has caused her more issues than the actual braces, with food and drink flying out at uncontrolled intervals. Combine that with all the wire and brackets, and there is sure a mouthful. It affects her speech a little and the kids at school are giving her a little grief, but nothing she can't handle.
We have 21 months to go before they come off and quite a few monthly payments! I SO should have been an orthodontist!!!!!
We still think she is beautiful.
If there was no change, there would be no butterflies.
Stay Beautiful,
K xx

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