Sunday, September 6, 2009


Back again after a lengthy absence, I know. I have been doing some great stuff. I have been busy being busy.

Firstly, I went back to Tamworth for a week to see Mum & Dad and to go to the CPR at Lake Keepit. ( Country Paperarts Retreat ) Thing is, Mum & Dad (and Megan)knew I was coming, but the scrapping chicks from Tamworth did not.

This post is testament to them and how well they know me.

When I left Tamworth in January, it was to be Marnie's job to find a pilot, service him and in return he would fly here and pick me up, take me to CPR and fly me back again. Things were looking grim, until the 11th hour at Marnie's Cub pack. In walks a pilot ( complete with flying suit ) to pick up his son, or daughter, (it isn't really relevant which). Marnie would have turned on her considerable charm, smirked her way through the (I'm sure ) witty and engaging conversation and did her best to woo him to "the dark side". SO DID NOT GO WELL. Before any indecent proposals could take place, he was a fart into the wind.

Thanks Marn, but sometime ya gotta do stuff yaself.

SO, I who LOVES a covert op, boards the plane and I had a bit of a layover in Sydney. I was feeling rather chuffed with myself after getting this far and not blowing the secret AND being chatted up some guy in a suit who wanted to have a drink with me. So I immersed myself in my coffee and Judy Nunn novel, all the while trying to look like the worldly traveller I'm sure I could have been. Next thing, phone signals a text. It was Pauline. (of course it was) The text read, "sorry you're not coming to scrap camp...................or ARE you?" Who DOES that? I wasn't game to speak to her in person lest I give the game away, so I did the only rational thing.......and text.

Got to Tamworth, late flight and it was freezing!! Mum and Dad were there to meet me as well as a surprise Megan who turned up to roll out the red carpet for me. There is SO no place like your Mum and Dad's place is there? You can just be yourself and rest easy. Thanks Mum & Dad for always making me feel like your home is a place I can go for 'soul rest'. It's not an easy thing to achieve and you guys do it unconsciously. You are not allowed to die, cause I love ya's more than chocolate.

Next day, we laid low as I didn't want the "girls" seeing me. Having a coffee with Mum & Dad, there's a car out the front. "SHIT SHIT SHIT".........I called in a very ladylike way, "SHIT IT'S BRONNIE". By this time Mum & I were in full alert mode and diving around trying to pick up all my stuff I had spread around the house in a mere 12 hours. I had never seen her move so fast.....except when she chased me with 'the thong', but that's a whole other can of woop ass. "What do you want me to tell her?" asked Mum. "I DON'T CARE" I said , in again, a voice that would befit the Queen. Anyhoo, Mum let her in, I hid in a bedroom, and when the conversation went for a while, I couldn't stand it any longer and presented myself in the doorway. Man, I wish I had a camera. It was like a version of punk'd. Loved the face Bron, and loved the love more.

This brings me to Maryann. She had rung me the night before I left. There was a package for me at her place as I had forgotten to change my address. I was trying to talk he into letting Mum & Dad pick it up, as I was wanting to use them at camp. But, NO WAY was she having a bar of that one! She was sending me a package right or wrong. She has no ESP obviously, or she would have heard the subtle signal I was screaming at her. I even tried mind influence, but I must be really bad at that, cause she didn't hear that either.

So, Megan came to collect me and we fronted up at camp. I nearly had to lock my legs around Marnie's waist ( and that would've been ok, as we know each other well) to hold myself upright. I tell you, NOBODY on this earth hugs like Marnie. With full abandon and heart and soul into it.

Pauling smugly wandered over to inform me she wasn't the least bit surprised to see me. Bron, had seen me all before earlier that day and Maryann was a mixture of disbelief and that " you lied to me and now I know it". I was privileged to meet Marcy from Wagga as we had met online. Marcy, that would sound deliciously sordid if you were a bloke, and Sheree from Maitland who was a friend of Marns. Thanks for a great weekend ladies, you know what I'm sayin,' nuff said.

Which brings me to this long and drawn out point. I have lived in all places around Australia and made friends with lots of different people-some we have kept in touch with, others not. I'm so grateful for each and every stop on Andrew and my 'journey' as I can't imagine my life without these people in it. I have made a connection in Tamworth with these ladies and it felt like I had never left. I also got the opportunity to close the door on out life there. We left so suddenly, I grieved for the place, but mostly for the people. Flying into Tamworth, I felt like I was coming home, but by the time I left and I was flying into Townsville, for the first time, I felt like THAT was coming home.

So beautiful ladies, thank you so much for yet another gift you probably don't know I have received. Closure, not on our friendship, but our chapter in Tamworth. You will never know how badly I needed to have that so I could walk forward in my life here in Townsville. NOW I can start a new chapter in the book of 'Our Life', that I was struggling with before.

Stay Beautiful, I love you all.

K xx

p.s Just re-reading this, it sounds like a suicide's not. I still got stuff to do.

p.p.s The pics is a full moon over Lake Keepit


  1. Loved meeting all you girls too. It was great to see such strong friendships between you all. I kinda wish that I hadn't booked into all the classes as I could have listened to the banter between you guys for ages, I understand the closing of doors and opening of new ones, it's hard when you move so far from all you have known.It brought a tear to my eye seeing Marnie so suprised, very sweet moment for such great friends.

  2. well this has bought a tear to my eye pmsl. i know i am a sook lol. kel you have been missed so much. we didnt have to see each other or even talk to each other on a daily basis here but we knew that if the shit ever hit the fan we were both just a phone call away.
    now i did try my hardest with the pilot and even shaved my armpits and legs to try and win him. dont stress though i have a full 48 weeks now to find another one and work my magic for nexts year retreat pmsl. love ya girl.