Monday, February 1, 2010

Craniums, Cyclones and Creativity

Well, the great debate has been solved. Thankyou Mum for your cranium contribution on this one. You're the bomb!

Go to my post called "Still on It" and check out the comments to see what Mum has found. Perhaps it's something she has drawn on from real life. How old ARE you MUM??

Just a word to let you know that we were almost blown from the face of the earth with ex-cyclone Olga making her mark here in Townsville. I tried to get some photos of the driving rain, but the wind kept shifting everything around. I think we ended up with around 300-400 mm of rain. Amanda flooded her room by leaving her window open..................not cool. Nothing dries in extreme humidity. In fact, I even found mould behind one of my ears..............true.

SO, what's a girls to do when the rain is bucketing down? Play with paper of course!! Here are some offerings of a fiddle with water colour paper, kindy glitz, Twinkling H2oS,Timmy Holtz distress inks and my new butterfly stamp. As you can also see, I was using a range of 'thinking of you' rubons. Gotta use up some of that stash!!! Shhhhh

Mmmmm, bliss.

Stay Beautiful,

K xx

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  1. hey there gal!!! Gosh I hate it when my mum looks at my blog all shes does is give me a reference list to how many spelling mistakes there are!LOL I recently had an article published handed it to her waited for the cheering ...grasshoppers could be heard rubbing their legs together..."would you like to know where the spelling mistake is, well, there two actually" I was GUTTERED, then I lmao gotta love her... there only one of her of that we can be sure and grateful LOL!!!