Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Matters

No matter what you do or where you go, family is SO important. I am fortunate to belong to a strong, loving family that are open and honest with each other. I also belong to an in-law family like that too.
My nephew turned 30 and we had a little party. The old jokes have SO stopped coming from them now that there are 3 of us in our 30's.
I am so blessed to have grown up with these kids like they are my brothers ( and sister who couldn't make it to the party ). They have grown into loving, compassionate, strong men and woman and I couldn't be prouder of them. I sure hope my kids turn out as good.
SO....................... what I am trying to say is that my family is as important to me as breathing and I can't imagine my life without any of them. (Mum and Dad, you MUST live forever)
Take the time to appreciate your family, because life is too short for the shitty stuff.
Stay beautiful,
K xx

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