Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Have Issues

You know how some days you are the dog and some days you are the hydrant?

Well a few days ago, I was the hydrant.

I had been to the doctor and he had given me a "but this is the worst case scenario" brief, and I was little peeved and upset when I left.

I jumped in the car and took off forgetting I was parked next to a trolley bay. I parked there to minimise scratches on my vehicle, would you believe, and when I took off, I forgot it was there and .................well.........................wiped it out!!...................Right out. So far out that 'they' had to infact remove one of the rails because it was SO wiped out.
You might ask why didn't I stop? Well, one must POWER OUT of a car park mustn't one? And it WAS my Dad who told me that "he who hesitates is often found dead". So, I was just doing what I had learned..................forget the context, it matters not.

I tore the flare off the rear passenger door and part of the flare at the back, BUT the running board saved my car and there STILL wasn't a scratch on it.

I retrieved my car parts from the carpark in as dignified manner as I could. This happens a lot to people right?, and marched over to the cleaner who had watched the whole thing and advised him to tell centre management. He gave me directions for a 20 minute drive to tell them myself.

I politely informed him that I WASN'T going to tell them, he was and turned on my heel and fled to my sadly waiting car.

I came home and did what any self respection woman would do.................made coffee and rang my Mum.

Poor Mum, she heard about all my sad and sorry woes for the last 5 years I reckon and listened with the patience that only a mother can.

I though she was especially gracious when the ugly cry started ( you know, the one with the racking sobs and the snot and the puffy, nasty eyes) and I apologised for being pathetic, only to launch into a new ugly cry with the realisation that I was crying about being pathetic.

What do you make of that Dr Freud?

Sometimes we need to cry the ugly cry. Sometimes we need to let it all hang out and get rid of the baggage that has been weighing us down and all I can say is "thank God for Mothers". Thanks Mum for listening, again, not laughing too hard and providing the support I so badly needed.


Stay Beautiful,

K xx


  1. Well now,I am not so sure it is all that important about mother's doing a protective bit of comforting or anything, as every old duck tries to protect her ducklings, and so do you too! What happened Kel was not life threatening, just trolley bay threatening!!I have looked at your blog tonight, and though I tried to comfort you when you rang the other morning while we enjoyed coffee over the phone, tonight I laughed!! I truly laughed out loud!! The poor tank just showed it was tougher than the blasted trolley bay! Love you babe and wish I could have reached out and given you a lovely warm "mum" hug. It will be fine and I will phone you Friday night. xx

  2. You have a GREAT Mum. But you already know that.
    Thinking of you
    Love Bronnie xxxxx