Monday, February 15, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things

Yep, I think I will compile a list of my favourite stuff.
*Like....the smell of rain
*Lightning storms ( not too close )
*Kisses and cuddles
*My family
*My friends
*Patterned paper

I think this will be an add to list as time goes on............

I WILL add this though.
A photo of my amazing sister, my beautiful daughter and eccentric old me. I think I will scrapbook this one a hundred times, I love it so much.

There is a sense of belonging to something bigger in this pic, something bigger than us. We are bound by blood and also love. We are all kinda alike, but so different as well.

My Dad would tell you that it's exceptional breeding stock......... he's hilarious like that.

I say it's because we are all exceptional in our own way.
3 exceptional women.
Now THAT'S something to be proud of and to be celebrated.
The other 2 exceptional women were stuck in Mitchell and Roma and didn't make it to the shindig...................................we still love them though.
We didn't save them cake.............sorry.
Stay beautiful
K xx


  1. Great shots of a great family. I'm just back from seeing Ma & Pa and the family in Brisbane.
    Will call you soon.( I woudn't have saved them any cake either, but that's because I'm a guts).
    Love to all your family and to you.XXXXXXXXXX

  2. Hey Kel!! The good genes sure came out in this pic. I just love my 3 girls here.Lovely photo of all 3 of you and dad very proud of you all as well. Keep smilin' girls.

  3. Keep up the good work. You ARE beautiful, KEEP smiling kid!!!!

    Luv ya