Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lately I have been thinking alot of my own mortality.
Don't worry, I'm not sick or anything, just thinkin' about the future I suppose. Maybe that's a sign of maturing or getting old. ;P
Maybe I don't want to do either one!!

I have never been afraid of dying, but rather what happens to the ones I love who are left behind. Will they really be living in a stinkpot of filth and dirty clothes? Will they miss the sometimes crappy food I serve up? Will they think of me on their wedding days? Will they miss the constant nagging and sometime arguments about the state of their rooms? Ok, fair enough, They don't HAVE to miss that.

Then there's the heaven issue. What if, in my life I haven't done ENOUGH to get me there? What if it's a ruse and all I get to do for all eternity is haunt stuff? ( I would probably only get to haunt a dunny or something ) What if as a person, I haven't been ENOUGH?

Then I get to play with patterned paper and eat dessert and it all seems OK. If there's no heaven, there wouldn't be patterned paper right? Or caramel cheesecake dessert, or profiteroles, or Mum's dumplings...
Maybe, just maybe it will all be ok...................and Mum, I NEED, NEED, NEED some golden syrup dumplings..........for Andrew.

Some more offerings from the collage sheet I did. Look familiar Mum?
Have a wonderful day
Stay Beautiful,
K xx


  1. Love your use of playing cards.

  2. I do too, but for my era, I love the old tape measure in inches!!