Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Beauty Within

Well, we have had something lovely happen over the weekend.

My girl, I just lover her. She is my anchor in the storm some days, and some days she is just plain weird, but I love her...........even when she's weird. That's something that is becoming more often these days, but it's OK. I still love her.

Amanda decided she wanted her gorgeous hair cut off. She had had enough, but I honestly didn't think she'd do it. Well, she did.

Please see before and after photos of my gorgeous girl. I can't stay long...........I'm off to build the cage to lock her in until she's 30. She looks WAY too grown up. *sigh* wonder if a new haircut will make me look young and vital and gorgeous like this. Nah, don't think so either, but thanks for NOT laughing,

Stay beautiful,

K xx


  1. Of course she is gorgeous!!! And it's not just because she's a red head. Great cut.