Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A little poem for Thursday

If you like to sit and sew,
Here is something good to know.
Drop on by to the above link,
Leave a comment stating what you think.

Then if you're lucky-I bet you are,
You could be her new blog star.
Chosing a prize would be the best.
To create and decorate your little nest.

Thankyou and good night. I'm here all week......try the veal.
Stay beautiful
K xx


  1. oh what a cool little site. i love it. she is very clever.

  2. awww c'mon you all alot better looking and not at all as green as shrek! LOL

  3. LOL. Good on you Marcy. I bet nobody else got the Shrek reference. Good pick up!! Still smirking. xx