Monday, September 7, 2009

Like a Cougar!!

While in Tamworth, I was fortunate enough to catch up with our baseball club, the Cougars. Andrew always described the team as mates who play baseball, and the members of the club and their wives became great friends. I didn't tell them I was in Tamworth, so Nikkers and I cooked another fib to get them to the Leagues Club for dinner. They were all there and I just walked in. There were laughs and even a tear or two. Well, let me tell you, we laughed all through dinner and well into the waffles we HAD to have for dessert.

I went to the bar to get a drink, and when I came back, the crew were sitting there with hats on and facing away from me. I didn't look twice, as they tend to do some weird things that don't warrant an eyelid bat. On closer inspection, someone had organised the special 25th year anniversary Cougars club caps with our names embroidered on the back. I was almost reduced to tears. Talk about being thought of when we live so far away! I was touched beyond measure at the gesture and when I brought them home to the family, they were SO touched as well.

This club supported us when Josh had his accident last year more than our church did!! We have made lifelong friends there and these wonderful people are just one of the many fortunate and life changing things on our 'journey'.

Thanks Cougars, you don't know what you mean to us.

Featuring in the pic is Amanda and Ethan sporting their Cougars caps.

I have to say "Like a Cougar!!!!!" as they compete in the baseball grand final this weekend. Don't disappoint us.

Stay beautiful

K xx

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  1. Love the photo. Typical. You start blogging and I am so tired from work(working overtime at present)I'm not commenting 'til now.
    Keep blogging. I'll get in the swing of things.