Thursday, September 10, 2009

I vacuum for free at home

Please, Please let me go to my PAID employment.

You know, at work it's my job to vacuum at the end of the day. The customers often express sympathy at me wrestling with an enormous vacuum that is held together with postie tape and came out on the ark with Noah. I'm sure I could suck up more stuff with a straw than this thing. Anyway, a lady said to me yesterday, "You poor thing having to vacuum here and at home". I smiled a knowing, smile and said, "at home I do it for free, where here I get paid".

Yep, I reckon if I was paid to do what I do at home, my family couldn't afford me. I'm not about to have a whinge, just stating a fact.

I usually do an afternoon shift at the Post Office, say, 1 or 2pm-5pm.

Before I actually go to work this is what I do after taking the kids to school, and I do realise that most Mum's are doing the same as me.

Tidy, sweep inside and out and run the mop over if needed. Make sure my bed is made and do any ironing or washing to make a full load. Dust if needed, usually weekly ( who am I kidding, this is the dustiest place in Australia. And I have lived in a few! ), clean my bathroom ( the kids do their own) and have afternoon tea ready for when the locusts hit. THEN I go to work.

No wonder I am tired at the end of the day. I do love having this shift though, as I can do what I want in the mornings and have all things organised as I hate living in a mess.

AND let's not forget being paid to GOOD is that?

Josh had his senior baseball grandfinal on the weekend and they WON!!!! YAY Josh's team. They played well and the mercy rule was invoked. Josh took an amazing catch and had some great hits. The eye exercises are paying off. And the best thing? He's is actually turning into a pleasant human being.....................most of the time. About time kid! Josh was fortunate enough to have his Cousin Scott and Scott's gorgeous partner Emma come and watch him. Thanks guys for the family support, you rock!!

Hope you like the pics of the grandfinal day. I think they have loaded backwards to what I intended, so just think backwards ok?

Will post pics of something crafty tomorrow.

Stay beautiful

K xx


  1. omg what r u feeding him. is that the same josh who left here. how cow batman he is growing up so fast. congrats too on your win josh.

  2. I can't believe in the time you've been away how much Josh has changed. Great photos as usual.Congratulations on you're win Cupcake. Birthday cards still coming. Im exhausted from work. Stay cool. Missing you more at present. Love Bronnie