Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Travel all over the countryside....ask the Leyland Brothers

You know that saying that people come into your life for a reason...blah, blah, blah? Well, it is so true. I believe that every person we meet either adds to, or detracts from us as people. We try not to have too many of the 'detractors' in our lives, but the 'adders', well, we try and gather them to ample bosoms and hold onto them.

These people definitely are 'adders'. We have known this family BEFORE they were a family and since before we were married ( some 17 years ) and have kept in touch ever since.

For those of you not blessed to have been involved with the Defence Department, you tend to get used to being posted here and there and meeting heaps of people, but some are special. Being 'in touch' with these people means you don't need to write to or email them every week, or even ring once a year. These special people know that you care even though you aren't seeing them regularly. You meet up for the occasional New Year and discover common things you never knew. When you meet up with them, regardless of whether you saw them last week, or 10 years ago, things are still the same. You can just pick up where you left off. That is the mark of great friendship.

This family is special to us. This is why we harass them to take us places in North QLD, so we can explore. ( And 'cause the men might get to drive on some dirt, or sand, or rocks ) We have had some adventures with them and we hope we have many more.

This is last weekend.

I can't tell you where this's so secret and remote.

And because I can't remember the name of the beach.

I do know that the orange cast on the photos is because of the ash raining down on us as the authorities burn off in the dry season. There was also dust from the dust storms mixed in there as well.

Thanks again Mack D family, we love ya all more than cake.

Stay beautiful,

K xx


  1. what a beautiful post those friends of yours are luck to have friends like you!!!

  2. :) That was fun Kelly

  3. Now that looks like a beautiful place to have a getaway!