Monday, March 23, 2009

Give me a stiff drink

Hi all, or rather the 1 other person that reads this! LOL Just thought I would post a pic of Ethan looking WAY too cute in his new glasses. He thinks they make him look "brainier", and he is desperate to show Nanny, so here you go. He is a bit of a ring in, this little bloke. He looks like nobody else in the family, but himself.

Just been tot he school to help with literacy groups. Dear Lord, where has all the discipline in the classroom gone? Bring back the cane I say. I really enjoy going and helping in the classroom, ( and Ethan enjoys me being there ), but MAN, I feel like a stiff drink when I get home. There's 2 kids in particular that usually get into a fist fight. They roam around the room making life hard for all the other kids. These 2 are largely ignored by the teacher ( as she is probably on a horse dose of Valium) as they do what they want. One of them is incredible intelligent and so far I have had no issue with him. If you can engage him, he's fine, but if you can't ................look out. He slammed and kicked doors and I wanted to give him a good hard smack. I know that is SO wrong these days, but lets face it, touchy feely disciplinary methods aren't going so well are they? In my day ( God, I swore I would never start a sentence that way) we had to sit down and shut up and if we backchatted a teacher.........................look out. The discipline at school was NOTHING to what you would get when you got home. I am wondering where we have fallen short is the raising kids department. Is "spare the rod and spoil the child" the way to go? Easier sure, but in the long run, we end up raising young people that have no responsibility for their actions and are non-contributing members of society. We need to change something and it needs to be NOW. We have all these gadget time savers, yet we are busier than ever. Our kids are suffering, because instead of kicking a ball around in the afternoon, they are watching tv or on the computer. We are too busy, being BUSY. We need to stop. Our kids don't need THINGS, they need us and our time. Done, and said, I am by far NOT the best parent, but everyday I try and try and when I am knocked down, I try again. Maybe I am stubborn, maybe I am pushing poo uphill with a stick, but I will be damned if I will give up. Soapbox away, sorry to rant. Frustrated as hell, and looking for answers......long term.

Until next time, take time

Kelly xx

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  1. pour me a bloody drink too. kids are running my house hold lol