Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We Have a Friend!!

It's official, Ethan is starting to settle into his new school. Thank goodness and we all breathe a sigh of relief. He has a friend coming over to play Friday arvo, and this kid is the DEAREST little fella. He is one the the nicest kids in my group when I help out at school. Ethan has also started talking about other boys who are in this kids little group. They are nice kids and I think it's the advantage of being present in the classroom. I can steer Ethan toward the NICE kids. The teacher has even made a point of telling me how his behaviour has improved out of sight. Acceptance is a VERY powerful thing isn't it? Perhaps we all are striving for acceptance in all we do. Hmmmm, there's a thought to ponder- and with that I will leave you to get on with your day.

I will leave a pic of my gorgeous daughter and my goofy DH taken at Crystal Creek.

Stay beautiful

K xx


  1. omg kel i love that pic. glad that ethan has settled in darls. that must be a huge releif.