Thursday, March 26, 2009

Step away from the vacuum, it's MINE

HI, would it kill my man to acknowledge what happens when he's NOT here? Seriously. My DH is having a rather stressful time in his life ( workwise ) and I am being a big a support as I can. No problem. To relieve some stress, he has been playing a fair bit of golf . No problem. He says it's his "me" time and I pointed out in my rather blunt way, that I would love some of that and where do you get it. The answer? You have 6 hours of "me" time ( meaning Me and not him, just to be clear ) while the kids are at school. *sides split from laughing so hard* Oh? and what about the housework and the other stuff I do? Answer. Well, you're not doing THAT 6 hours a day are you? * sides again split from laughing*

What he didn't see is the 4 hours baking I had done and put away, the clothes that had been washed and ironed and put away, the hour I put in at the school for literacy groups and the toilets that had been scrubbed until the porcelain begged for mercy. I have to smile to myself and know that as a SAHM ( stay at home mum ) I am worth far more than any one can bring home in a pay packet. I also know that I am far more resilient than any centrelink employee gives us credit for, and I am just as smart as any accountant( let's face it ladies, without 2 incomes sometimes accounting has to get " creative ").

So SAHM's unite and lets us all secretly know that behind every great man, is a better, stronger, smarter woman.

As a little aside, I went to the mailbox wondering what bills had made their way to my house today and found a letter addressed to me. Big deal you say? Well, it was a HAND addressed, HAND written letter with a HAND made card inside. My day has been made, and probably my weekend. Thankyou so much ALI-G, you have rocked my world and you will never know how DESPERATELY I needed to hear the words you penned. We don't receive much REAL mail anymore. Everything is quicker, easier, more economical than writing a letter. The joy I got from opening this letter is unspeakable. Such a simple act, such a grand gift. Watch you letterboxes, there might just be a letter from me inside it.

Have a great day and a better weekend cherishing the "simple" things.

Stay beautiful,

K xx


  1. omg i am so with you on the sahm thing. dont you know i sit on my butt all day and watch oprah. lol. mind you i still have 2 at home so cleaning happens just it disappears under all the crap again lol. how lovely to get a letter handwritten. they are so uncommon these days.

  2. Oh, there is nothing more special than getting a hand written envelope in the mail box.
    Poor DH's just don't get it - I work part-time (8-3) daily and spend most afternoons running girls around to various activities and DH when he is home (works away) wants to know why I need ME time???? That's men for you.