Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday is the day

We had a lovely weekend and somehow Monday comes around just too darn quickly. We were supposed to have a cyclone on the weekend, but it missed us. All we got were a few showers and a slight breeze. THANK GOODNESS! I really feel for the poor buggers south of here.

I have been VERY creative in the card making stakes and scrapbooking. I have a glut of scraps that need my attention before they take me over. I found a style I liked and went for it. The result was 4 scrapbook pages and 9 cards. Unfortunately, they are all spoken for, so will have to get going and make some more.

I send an email out for a scrap bootcamp challenge to see you use up some of your paper stash. If you want to join us, then head over to and print off the sketches and suggested themes. Then, head to and introduce yourself. I am determined to stop procrastinating about doing pages and 'just do it'. Hey that should be a catchcry for a sports company!!

The weather was so nice yesterday, we went to the beach with my nephew Scott and his partner Emma. We went to Pallarenda beach for a spot of fishing, bbq lunch and look around. Ethan loved the rockpool and we saw the old gun enplacements from WWII. We wanted to look at the old graves too, but we had to trek a swap full of mozzies, so that was out. Next time. I love days like that, getting out with the family with no particular plan in mind *sigh* it was just bliss.

Ethan (his hand pictured above) was fascinated by the little hermit crabs. There weren't at all afraid and zoomed across his opn palm. They came nearly out of their shells to check him out. He played with them for ages.

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  1. What a great photo! Sounds like much fun was to be had
    Today was the Bushfire Scrap Day. It was a good day. I couldn't stay the whole day but came in and out. There was much talented work accomplished. You were missed as usual. Everyone says hi!!