Sunday, March 22, 2009

I should have eaten him

Well, I know why some animals eat their young. SO they never become TEENAGERS, that's why!!!! I have a 14 yo DS and MAN is he putting us through the ringer at the moment, So much so we are going for some family counselling. Kids these days know their rights and flaunt them at us as parents, when sometimes they need a good flogging. We have tried so hard to raise good, responsible, respectful kids that take responsibility for their actions, but I am starting to feel like a world class failure. Sometimes it would have been easier to "spare the rod and spoil the child". I can only hope that some of it has got in and I can keep him alive long enough to grow into a man and have his own children to see what he has put us through.

Anyway, enough of that, everyone has these issues with their teenage werewolves I'm sure.

We have had a lovely weekend. Went to see the Cowboys 1st home game against West Tigers. Cowboys won and it was a good game. We yelled and danced and waved banners. DS elected not to go and see his team, so everyone else went and had a blast.

Sunday, we went North to a Place called Crystal Creek , near Paluma (see pic above) and had a ball. The kids jumped off the rocks into the deep pool and we all went on the natural rock slides. I reckon it's a place to camp and we are going to investigate for the Easter hols. Us girls reckon we can take on the kids while the fellas commute to work and back. Sounds like a plan.

One of the pics is of me going down the rock slide and the other is of Josh jumping off the big rock. Such a beautiful place and it was liberating to feel like a kids again.

Until next time,

Stay beautiful and don't eat the kids!!

K xx

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  1. omg that looks like fun. gee i need to find that hunky pilot alright to take me up to you. lol.