Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love Fridays

Hi, I so love Fridays. It feels like the working week is finished ( even though mine just begins ) and we have "chip nite" with friends.

Josh and Amanda go to youth group with our friend's daughter Chloe and Ethan and our friend's other daughter Sarah, swim while the adults have some "grown up time". I love catching up with Donna and Jason, as we have been friends for many years in many places.

We had Ethan to the optometrist last week and he needs glasses. He can't seem to see too well up close and his reading and writing has deteriorated, so off we went. He scoffed at the woman's suggestion of pink ones with flowers and just wanted blue ones. He looks too cute with them on, so watch this space for a pic.

Had coffee with another GF, Kylee today and we partly shopped the Domain centre. Not a bad place I reckon and we are going back for a "repeat performance". I am so grateful to have GF's living here, and I thank God for them everyday. So grateful that He has chosen to put us all in the same place at the same time. If only He could import the Tamworth crew, and the Lismore clan, life would be perfect. Speaking of perfect, I got flowers from my DH yesterday for no reason.....hmmmmm, he must want to play golf. They are beautiful and are roses. He doesn't usually buy me roses ( or flowers for that matter ) and I am fortunate to have a thoughtful man ( sometimes ) .

Off to the footy tomorrow night. * GO COWBOYS *!! Can't wait as its' the first home game and should be a good one. Hope West Tigers bring it!

Will leave you with some LO pics of the bootcamp challenge

would be great if you could join us, hop on over and have a look. The st one is my 35th Birthday and the 2nd one is my FIL's 60th.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Kelly xxx


  1. gee i wish he could (god that is) transport us all up there for the footy and a swim. lol. miss u heaps. and i cant wait to see the pic of ethans cool glasses.

  2. I miss everyone so bad. Since I've been here, I feel like we are falling apart. We, I mean me and the kids. Will all be good in the long run as I am too damn stubborn to give up!! :(