Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What would they do without the woman?

Just a quick lookie another 2 layouts for the Bootcamp Our Way Challenge. If you aren't involved, just check out the link and jump on in. http://bootcampourway.blogspot.com/

Not sure what my family would do without me. I think they would live in their own filth and be late to EVERYWHERE they go. LOL That's why most men marry women hey?

Amanda left for her first school camp of the year today and I will miss her terribly. She's a great kid.

Have a great day everyone and catch up soon



  1. i am sure she will have fun kelly, and when she comes home all you will here is "this one time at band camp" pmsl.
    oh and those layouts bloomin rock girl
    YOU SO SUCK!!!!!

  2. oh and that blinkie so goes with the colour scheme of your blog pmsl.

  3. Thanks Babe, you are the blinkie queen. I had to change the colours to SUIT the blinkie!! LOL