Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just a little share of a layout I did with the Wicked Princesses "7 Deadly Sins" challenge. ( see blinkie on side of page )I struggled with this layout because it had to have the following criteria.

1. Had to be about me

2. Had to be monochromatic purple

3. Had to have bling on it ( ok, I didn't really struggle with that bit )

4. Had to be titled "It's all about me"

So, I did it. I'm quite pleased with the result, although the woman in the photo seriously can't be me. I look at her face and realise that she has never been hurt by her children. She hasn't realised that her marriage is in trouble ( at the time of the portrait ). And she really doesn't know who she is. BUT..........she knows great love.

I am grateful she got to experience the feeling of nice, bouncy boobs, so she could appreciate them when she wakes up and finds one under her armpit. I am grateful she is naive about raising her children so she doesn't know what's ahead of her. She is young and silly and really always knew who she was, just needed to trust herself. And, I am TRULY grateful she continues to know and experience daily great love.

She is older ( oh, so much older ), she is wiser and she is complete. SHE..........................is me.

Stay Beautiful

K xx


  1. OMG - that is so beautiful (nearly made me cry)

  2. Wow!! My littlest kid in all her finery, but I love the part we see now, and the character in your face that has been caused by a few trials, after all, it teaches us how to appreciate things much, much more. Luv ya girl!!