Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the blink of an eye

It is so true what is said about children growing up in the blink of an eye. Here is my lovely daughter Amanda, 12 1/2 going out for dinner as the culmination to a program run at school called "Shine". It's a program run by the school chaplains about self image and self esteem. I think all girls should be offered the opportunity to do something like this, as it has truly benefitted her. Amanda has always been a confident, poised girl, but moving schools really diminished some of that confidence. This program has helped restore that and more. My confident, caring, happy girl is back with us, and when I saw these pics, I wanted to cry. Only yesterday I was wiping her nose, changing her nappy, and kissing bruises.

Amanda has always had an "inner light" and when I saw these, I can see it captured on film. The only makeup she has on is mascara and lip gloss. Thanks to mu nephew's lady, the fabulous Lexie for doing Amanda's hair ( she is an apprentice hairdresser ) and helping her to feel lovely.


  1. She is a gorgeous girl. I can see sooooo much of Andrea in her! That colour on her is amazing!
    Talk soon. Luv ya heaps. Luv Karen xxxxx

  2. omg kel she looks just like you. she is gorgeous and yes they grow up way to quickly

  3. WOW our gorgeous lil Mookie is all grown up!! Darling you look so beautiful you really do. Where have the years gone, you have grown up too quick I feel old now :). Kel, hope you have a great trip away! Look forward to a catch up when you get home. Luv your blog too, have caught up on all the goss!! Miss you xoxo

  4. she is growing up too quick!!!!! she is beautiful....she must take after her aunty G.!!!! love you all and have a great easter xxxxx