Friday, April 17, 2009

What School Holidays?

I can't believe it, the school holidays are nearly over and I haven't even been stressed by the kids yet. Except when we were camping. Seriously, they think camping is a holiday. Not so. 5 stars is my idea of a truly downtime holiday. Anyhoo, never been to anywhere that has 5 stars, so will make so with what has been handed me. We have had a lovely holidays without a lot of fighting , mouthing off and stress. I think the kids have recognised that, and are agreeing that it's much more pleasant. I actually want to take them places and do things with them, so I think the message is getting through.

We have joined Reef HQ, been to check out the local library, been to the movies, had sleepovers, visits, movie days and shopping trips and it all has been lovely. I think I have had a win and all the teaching and yelling I have done had gotten through, and even though they are horrible to each other at times, I think it will all be ok in the end. Take heart screaming, tired mothers.............the light at the end of the tunnel ISN'T a train!!!

I will be sad to see school go back and be on my own all day actually, but give me a day or 2 and I'm sure I will adjust ok.

Looks like this house is sold and we will know for sure on the 24th of April. Watch this space for details. There has been a house become vacant 2 doors up and it looks like that would suit us down to the ground. Getting the key Monday and having a look. 5brms, pool, big shed and double garage. The only thing is, IT ONLY HAS 1 AIRCONDITIONER! And that's in our room. The previous tenants have trashed it, and the owners are horrified. They are keen for us to move in though, and are prepared to do some work for the right tenants.....which would be us! Will let you know how it goes. Off to do some pool supervision, but will eave a pic of Millaa Millaa Falls for you to drool over. I just wish I was a better photographer ( something I am working on )

Stay beautiful

K xx

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