Monday, April 13, 2009

Camping, Waterfalls and Leeches

What a wonderful Easter we had. We went camping with another family to see the sights the "Wet Tropics" had to offer. We set off early Good Friday morning with Mack-Daddy, Clown Sleeves, Dory and Mighty Mouse in one car and the team was "Screaming Gophers". In the other car was Papa Smurf, Pink Knickers, Skipper, Boo-Mae and Harry and our team being the "Killer Bass". We kept in touch through UHF radios, thus the call signs. We got to Bramston Beach ( Near Babinda) and set up camp close to the beachfront. Gorgeous setting. Rain squalled in and out through most of the weekend, but it didn't really bother us. After all, if you're going to see the "Wet Tropics" you are going to get............well.......wet. Because it's so warm, it really isn't an issue.

Mack-Daddy was the tour master and Clown Sleeves the Nav, so we set off in search of adventure and sightseeing. We were SO not disappointed. Babinda Boulders, Atherton, Millaa Millaa falls and the waterfall loop were the destinations of the weekend. Along the way some aired their VERY interesting , but useless knowledge of all things in our path. Saw some pretty amazing trees and Lakes in volcano craters. Saw a mumma cassowary with chicks at foot along the road out of Mission Beach. Very Rare.

This is a beautiful part of Australia and the more I think how old the rain forests are, the more it blows me away.
We were fortunate to camp with an amazing family who took the time to show us the sights and everything was done with great fun and wonderful humour. We are blessed to know you guys and love you lots.

Can't wait for the next long weekend.......................maybe we'll head inland this time, although Andrew and I have earmarked some places for a re-visit while we are here.
Hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did, so I will sign off from the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gophers,

Stay beautiful

K xx


  1. oh kel i am so jealous. it sounds like you had a great time. i bet you took heaps of pictures and just cant wait to scrap them all pmsl.

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend :-)

  3. Thanks, guys. I is so great to be able to relax and see this gorgeous country of ours. Why would we want to live anywhere else hey?