Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teach the Children

Today, my thoughts turn towards the people who have given a lot. People who I will never know or have the chance to thank. The people who decided to make a stand against wrong and who believed in our country and way of life enough to pay the ultimate price of giving their lives. We hear stories about the horrors of war, what happened and victories that were won against all the odds. We hear stories of Australian larrikinism, bravery, and mate ship. The wars fought in the past and the ones currently underway, seem to bring out the very best and the very worst of people.

I cannot say thank you to the people who dies in the name of freedom, but I can do the next best thing. I can teach the next generation. My DH and I often talk about what was given up for them in order for them to be free, and I'm proud to say they get it. They REALLY get it. They understand that freedom is never free. They understand that the best thing they can do is remember not only the fallen of long ago, but also the men & women still fighting for freedom today. They understand that one day there will be no one left and they will NEED to remember, to tell their children.
This year we didn't attend any dawn services or marches, and our ANZAC day was the poorer for it. We still talked about it though and watched the old men struggle down the street, marching for themselves and for mates long ago. It still gives me chills and I feel like hugging every one of them and telling them they won't be forgotten. I usually cry.

I always wonder however, no matter how long they were away fighting , what kind of war they fought when they got home.


Amanda decided to do some cooking today and what a job she did! Honey Biscuits with butter honey cream filling. Seriously YUM.These are the prettiest, tastiest little morsels I have had in a long time. Needless to say, she will need to bake some more tomorrow. Even the eldest DS was full of compliments for his sister's cooking. She even cleaned up after herself!!! THAT, dear friends is the bonus!!

Until next time,

Stay Beautiful

K xx

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