Monday, April 6, 2009

HI everyone. Here is a pic of me looking forward to going away for Easter!! Woo Hoo!! Can't wait. I am almost, nearly organised to boot, so things are looking up. Good luck to the Cougars camping at Lake Keepit over Easter. Looks Like RAIN...............AGAIN!!! LOL
Have just had the owners of our house inspect and they are the loveliest people. He is in the Army and currently in Afghanistan ( on leave for 2 weeks ) and she works for Border Security!! They are so nice and as it looks like the house has been sold, they were asking what would be convenient for us for a settlement!! Looks like we will be here until the lease expires, and on the move 13th July. Can't wait, but we will have visitors then. Might have to rope them into helping. Hey Roz, Panch, Nikkers and Lara, we need a hand!!! The owner showed me how to use the sprinkler system, so yay us. No more dragging the soaker hose around. This thing is all automated with 6 sections. Posh, and he said...expensive. It was apparent to them that the real estate managing the property aren't doing a good job, so they told me to deal directly with them. How good is that. I am glad I could show them the damage the previous tenants had done, so they don't think it was us.

Have been to school for literacy groups. I so could NEVER be a teacher. I don't like my own kids all the time, let alone other people kids!!! Mind you, I LOVE my kids all the time.
A bit full on until after Easter, so won't blog until then.

Stay beautiful

K xx

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