Monday, April 20, 2009

The Birthday Wish

Something happened yesterday that just blew me away. But first, before I launch into this story, I need to give you some background.

A few days ago, my very fair skinned, red-haired daughter was swimming and was asked twice,"Did you put sunscreen on?" I know nothing apparently, being a child before sunscreen was invented ( I am also fair and freckly). She chose to ignore me, and I did the hardest thing a mother can do.............I let it go. No surprises how she looked that night. Anyway, the sunburn was quite severe, requiring anaesthetic spray and litres of aloe vera to be applied. Amanda tried so hard not to complain, as she knew it was her fault, but she was in so much PAIN. When the blisters appeared, they were a sight to behold. BIG, FAT, FIRM blisters peppered her arms and chest. They are gone, but the peeling is about to start.

Which brings me to the story.

Ethan got a bike helmet ( among other things ) for his birthday and wanted to try it out, understandably. I said "put some shoes on". And apparently, I STILL know nothing. 10 minutes later a little voice said, "Mum, would you please come outside?" Out I went expecting blood and I wasn't disappointed. He had scraped his inner ankle along that bony bit and there was a stream of blood running down his foot. I gently did the "I told you so, and I don't tell you stuff to hear myself talk," and proceeded to impart some of my worldly wisdom of what happened to me when I was his age. I cleaned him up and gave him a cuddle ( he is still at the age when a cuddle from me will fix most things), and the bottom lip began to quiver. I asked what was wrong as two fat tears slip down those kissable cheeks.

This is what he said............................

" Mum, you know how you get a birthday wish?"

"Yes" said I

" I gave my wish to Amanda to make her shoulders better. Do you think they will be better soon, and the leftover magic will fix my foot? She needs my wish more than me, so I can wait for a little while if they need more fixing."

I gave him another snug as fat tears slid down my face. I explained to my little guy how thoughtful that was to wish his wish for someone else.

A 7 year old is so unjaded and so believes in " the birthday wish", and is acutely aware that you only get 1 per year, so I was so moved that he chose to wish something for his sister ( whom he adores ). I so hope that selflessness is going to be a character trait of his, he could do a lot worse and the world could sure use some of what this little boy possesses.

My wish is when my birthday comes around, I can be so unselfish and pass that wish on to someone else. They are, after all, precious.

Stay beautiful

K xx


  1. Lovely story Kel, and many tissues used!! Don't hear things like that very often now, and it is a lovely trait!! Love your blogs and your pics, and you all. Mum xx

  2. A beautiful story, a wise little man that is just adorable xo