Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lawn Bowls is NOT just for oldies.

Dad, I needed you today and where were you? Why did you forsake me so? I was humiliated and sadly lacking brilliance. I tried to channel you and you weren't there. Aunty Lyn wasn't there either. So what hope did I have. I was alone and forsaken.


My Dad is a lawn bowler. You might think that is funny. I don't. It's harder than it looks and I was bad. Really bad at it. Don't get me wrong, I had moments of brilliance, but they were more arse than class.

And it was hard. Not just technically. Hard because it HURT. Yep, hurt. My back was killing me and one knee refused to yield to my instructions. Is that why there are heaps of hip and knee replacements in our senior folk? Is lawn bowls the insidious killer of joints? Is it the silent damager of cartliage? Bet you won't see a study on THAT!

So, bowling folk. My rather crumpled and sweaty hat ( and , NO, it wasn't white ) goes off to you and I declare your sport worthy of more accolades than it gets. Very technical, very strategic, and physically hard. My Dad has hit his athletic peak at 79 and I am struggling at 37. Says much on how tough they used to breed 'em.

However, when the silver hairs start to creep through the unnatural colour my hair is now, I think I will think of my Dad and the occasional frozen chook he used to bring home(Now it's tinned fruit and money) and smile to myself as I reach for my bowls bag and crotcheted cloth and head on out for 'a day on the green".
My 14 year old son played as well and I am sad to say Pop left him too. We had high hopes, him and I, being from a bowling stock, but, NAY good folks, channelling was not for us today. We had a lot of fun and were fairly matched.

I will leave you with a picture I took yesterday morning lying on the driveway in the wet dew. I think there's perfection in this world and I think nature holds most of it. These are the most darling little mushrooms and as soon as the sun hit them they closed up. They even look like they are inside out. Something so delicate and so perfect chose to grow beside my driveway............beside the wheels of my 4WD. How's that for brave. I hope you enjoy the no so great pic, and get my drift.

Or not.

Stay beautiful

K xx

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