Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mohawn Man and Easter share

Hi everyone, hope your weekend was great. Ours was. Nothing too much happened and that's the way I wanted it this weekend.

Josh played baseball Saturday and was invited to play with the senior men on Sunday. He played 2 games with the seniors and he said he played pretty bad. He said he was really nervous, so that may have been it. He enjoyed the games though and that's the main thing.

Ethan went to Gym and when I picked him up he was red-faced and sweaty. He said he "gave his all" today. What a great attitude. I wish I could say I did that EVERYDAY.

Amanda didn't play golf this week, and she really missed it. I think it's the time with Dad that's the attraction there as well. They enjoy each other's company and it's so important for a girl to have a great relationship with her Dad.

We had my nephew, Scott, his partner Emma and my other nephew's partner Lexie here for lunch on Sunday. Lexie is an apprentice hairdresser and did cuts on the boy's hair. She gave Josh a mohawk, which I was horrified at, but in the end I thought it looked really good. Josh doesn't like it and didn't want to hurt Lexie's feelings, so said nothing. He has asked me to cut it off this afternoon. He is learning about women's last !! LOL

Just thought I would share some little things I have made for Easter. We are camping with another family at Bramston Beach

and instead of trying to keep heaps of eggs cool, I am making camping survival kits. They consist of an eyemask, earplugs and a small bar of chocolate. I plan to give them on Friday as they can be used all weekend. As you can see by the pic, there's some for the girls and some for the fellas.

There's a new challenge at and at the moment, there's only a few of us involved. Would be great to get some more action from others there. We are going hard at the layouts and I don't think I have scrapped so much in my life!! Yeah!

Until next time,

Stay beautiful

K xx

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