Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 today!

Exactly 7 years and 6 months ago yesterday, my life changed. Seriously, not just changed a car or bought some new clothes. I found out Andrew and I were expecting our 3rd child. We were only ever having 2. As well as this *ahem* surprise, Andrew was going for an interview for a full time teaching position in Tamworth and wanting to leave the RAAF. This day, was NOT a good day.

You know............. when you think your life is leading you somewhere and you have plans to go there and the next 5 years is mapped out and all is good and peaceful and certain? NOT SO HERE.

It took me a long time to accept that there was to be another addition and I wondered if I would love this little one as much as the other 2. All that stuff. You know, it wasn't until I actually held all 9lb 2oz of him in my arms, that could actually ACCEPT this was happening. I felt the love surge for this little person and I knew I could be Mum-to-3. Truth be known, it was the easiest pregnancy of the 3, and although he was a little on the large size, it wasn't a bad delivery. He was the easiest of the 3 as a baby and was fairly easy going and has a smile to melt the hardest of hearts. He is also incredibly mischievous and laughs so readily and infectiously with a wicked sense of humour, I cannot imagine our life without him. We are, as a family, complete.

Ethan turned 7 yesterday, and I still can't believe that these kids are growing up before my very eyes. He celebrated his birthday with some family presents and then Scott and Emma arrived with an "unexpected surprise" of pool toys. We went to the Aquarium and the Museum and met with the Minn's family and all ventured home for Ethan's birthday tea. He had requested Nachos and he wanted his cake to be violet crumble cheesecake, so that's what he got.

As I was putting him to bed, a little arm wound around my neck and he said......."thank you Mummy, this was such a lovely birthday and I am the luckiest kid around". *sigh* that's when you know all the tears you have shed and all the talking you have done is worth it. Tomorrow might be filled with tantrums and pouts, but today is good.

Happy Birthday little Harry, we love you and are such a precious gift.

Stay beautiful

K xx

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